Aggressions on Palestinians, their Properties and their Lands In ‘Einabus village

Aggressions on Palestinians, their Properties and their Lands In ‘Einabus village
Violation: Yizhar Colonists abuse Palestinians’ properties.
Date: December 6, 2009.
Victims: Nader ‘Allan and ‘Aqel Barakat.
Violators: Yizhar colony colonists.

At 2:00 AM of December 6, 2009, a group of Yizhar colonists breached ‘Einabus village located to the east of Yizhar colony. The colonists targeted the house of Nader ‘Allan (age=35) who works in farming and raising cattle. The attack caused the burning of hay stock which was kept in the basement. In addition, the colonists torched four vehicles on their way.
Pictures 1+2: the damage caused by the aggression – ‘Einabus
This assault is considered very dangerous according to the ‘Einabus council president Mr. Nafiz Rashdan. It is the case not because the aggression itself as the village had suffered from different kinds of attacks by the colonists and the Israeli Occupation Army many times before. It is so due to the fact that it is the first time that colonists have dared to penetrate to the heart of the village during the darkness of the night. It is feared that the colonists might attack any Palestinian house under the guise of night.
It must be mentioned that Yizhar colony has taken over hundreds of dunums of Palestinians lands ever since the establishment of the colony. Moreover, colonists have always prevented many Palestinians from reaching hundreds of dunums of their lands unless they get permits from the so-called Civil Administration in the Israeli Occupation Government which issues permits only during certain times of the year, mainly during the olive picking season. The colonists take advantage of the movement restrictions imposed on the Palestinians and use their lands as their own. The inability to work in farming caused the unemployment rate to reach 52% of the population of the villages that surround ‘Einabus.
The colonists’ aggressions have never stopped; they actually increased their hostility after the Israeli PM announced a plan that calls for freezing colonization activities in the West Bank for 10 months. The colonists rejected the plan, and they called for forming groups (bandits) designed for attacking Palestinians living near the colonies.
Mr. Abdul Rahman ‘Allan stated to an LRC researcher that:’ I received a call from my uncle at around 2:00 in the morning. He told me to pursuit a car of colonists who torched the basement of my uncle’s house. I already knew that my uncle stores there some extremely flammable hay bales. He also parks two tractors there and my uncles park their cars there. I moved right away from my house, located on the main road that connects the village to Huwarra. While reaching for my car, I saw a car with a yellow plate driving at very high speed towards the cross road that leads to Yizhar colony. I tried to chase them using my car which did not start because I hit a speed bump while driving very fast in an attempt to catch the attackers who were able to flee. About 4 minutes later, I was able to restart the car. I went to see the damage caused by the attack. Flames were high in the sky. Two cars were burnt, 1998 Rover, and 1991 GMC in addition to two 2001 and 2005 tractors, and 25 hay bales each one of them weighed almost 1.5 tons. Furthermore, the fire and the heat damaged the walls of the house and its basement in addition to burning the car of ‘Aqel Baraket who lives 80 meters away from my uncle’s house. An estimated loss of 70,000 JD was recorded. It must be noted that fire trucks from Burin helped in controlling the fire. At around 4 AM, an Israeli Occupation Army Patrol accompanied by a Police Patrol showed up in the site and started investigating. But, these assaults are never taken seriously because the people investigating are not that different from the people who have carried out the attack. two faces of the same coin. The colonists’ attacks have become hazardous. We expect an uprising in the upcoming days, and we also expect black days since there is nothing to do to stop the colonists.”
It is considered one of the oldest Palestinian villages as its establishment dates to thousands years ago when a group of people who settled in the area around 3000 BC. The village is 12 km to the south of Nablus city; it’s surrounded by several Palestinian villages, Burin and Madama from the north, Yasuf from the east, Huwwara from the west, and ‘Urif and Jamma’in from the west. The village is known for its high hills and mountains especially, Salman al Farsi and Jupiter Hills. The total built up area of the village is around 260 dunums out of a total area of 4000 dunums.
The village population was 227 in 1922 which increased to reach 340. In 1967, 550 people lived in the village. The population reached 1200 in 1987. The latest statistics show that the total population reached about 3000 people and it was recorded that 2000 people immigrated from the village.

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