Land taken over for settlers’ protection in Hebron Governorate

Land taken over for settlers’ protection in Hebron Governorate

(Photo 1: Farsh Al Hawa-Hebron: A piece of land Palestinian owned land confiscated
& leveled for the erection of watch tower to overlook bypass road No. 35 seen below) 



The Israeli occupation forces issued a new military decree stating the absolute take over of 400 square meters for military uses. According to the decree, the target land is 20 meter long by 20 meters wide and located in Beit Kahil land, basin 2, Farsh Al Hawa area.  It is owned by the Hebronite families of Al Qawasma and An natsha. The decree which carries the number of T/05/07 was issued on January 27th, 2007 and signed by Ya'ir Golan, an army commander in the West Bank.


(Photos 2 & 3: copy of military decree and attached map)


The specific purpose behind the confiscation of this piece of land is to establish a military watch tower to overlook the bypass road number  35 linking between Hebron colonies and the Israeli proper passing by the northern outskirts of the city of Hebron. This road has been closed for Palestinian vehicles since the beginning of the current Intifada in the year 2000. It was, also, closed for Israeli traffic for the period of four years â�� from 2000 until 2004 â�� before it was re-opened for exclusive Jewish use.


Photo 4: Map of the military order – Farsh Al Hawa-Hebron 


Photo 5:Farsh Al Hawa in Hebron 


In an interview with LRC field worker, Mr. Yacoub Sulieman Al Qawasma, said a total of 300 M2 of the confiscated land belongs to him which are part of a four dunums area cultivated with cereals. While, Mr. Ibrahim Khaled An natsha said that he owns the remaining 100 M2  which are part of a one dunum area cultivated with olive trees. Both owners expressed fear that they might loose their adjacent land â�� about four and a half dunums- once the watch tower has been established as it  will become inaccessible for them under security claims.


(Photo 6: Farsh Al Hawa-Hebron: Some of the threatened olive trees)



Also, they are afraid that the new Israeli military foothold will be a source of intimidation and harassment for Palestinian citizens living there as it is located amidst  highly populated residential area. 


(Photo 7: Farsh Al Hawa-Hebron: Part of the residential area in the vicinity of the target site)


Land devastation

On February 12, 2007, the Israeli army's bulldozers excavated and leveled the target piece of land in preparation for the erection of the watch tower. The Israeli army went on with their works despite protests on the part of the owners who tried to stop the bulldozers. During the bulldozing process, at least one olive tree was uprooted from the land of Mr. Ibrahim An natsha, in addition to the bulldozing of the 300 M2 of cereals owned by Mr. Mr. Yacoub Al Qawasma.


(Photo 8: Farsh Al Hawa-Hebron: an uprooted olive tree and owner)



Not enough time for objection

The military decree gave the owners only 3 days for objection in front of the Israeli army authorities starting from the date of issuance. This ultimatum is too short to allow the owners to prepare and bring the case in due time. 


(Photo 9: Farsh Al Hawa-Hebron: land owners inspecting the site )

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