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Wall re-routing: a new tool for the destruction and confiscation of more Palestinian land

An additional 894.500 dunums (eight hundred ninety four dunums and five hundred square meters) of fertile agricultural land are targeted for confiscation in a new amendment move for the military


The Segregation Wall in Hebron Governorate – Update

(Photo 1: Wall works in the western parts of Hebron governorate)   The Governorate of Hebron is located in the southern part of the West Bank. It is the largest


Ecocide in Beit Jala … Again !!!

Early on June 27, 2006, the Israeli Army unleashed its anti-nature force of destruction on Beit Jala's land; northwest to pave the way for the Israeli Segregation Wall set to


The effects of the Israeli practices on the Palestinian village of Qatanna !!

Qatanna village: Location and Population Qatanna, a Palestinian village located 12 Kilometers to the northwest of Jerusalem city, has an area of 3555 dunums and is 650 meters above sea


Israeli house demolition campaigns continue against residents of Al Walajeh Village

Following the occupation of the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip in 1967, thousands of Palestinian houses have been demolished for various Israeli purposes, either for being


The Israeli Unilateral Disengagement Plan from the Gaza Strip, A step toward the achievement of the security of Israel and to imprisons the Palestinians in the biggest prison in the history

Background Geographically, Gaza Strip forms the westernmost portion of the Palestinian territories, having land borders with Egypt on the south-west and Israel on the north and east. On the west,

Separation Plans

An Nu’man village turned into an open air prison

The Israeli occupation authority, as part of its segregation Wall plan for the northwestern Bethlehem area, has installed a gate at the entrance to An Nu'man village which has restricted

Separation Plans

New Palestinian Enclaves created by the Israeli updated wall map around Ariel Settlement Bloc.

The Israeli Government endorsed on April 30, 2006, an updated Wall plan which included changes in a number of locations which constituted major obstacles to the resumption of Wall construction


إسرائيل تبقي على مسار الجدار في القدس و ترد التماس أهالي قرية العيزرية

                وضعت محكمة العدل العليا الإسرائيلية نهاية لأحلام سكان قرية العيزرية في القدس الشرقية باستعادة أراضيهم بالطرق القانونية و الشرعية حيث تم رفض الالتماس المقدم من الأخيرة لتغيير


استمرار عمليات هدم المنازل والمنشآت الفلسطينية في القدس المحتلة

       صورة رقم 1: مسكن المواطن زيد زيدان جابر في موقع طريق ضرغام في قرية الزعيم شرق الطور بعد الهدم)       هدمت بلدية الاحتلال والحكم العسكري في


Israel’s house demolition campaign is continued in Jerusalem

Photo 1: the house of Mr. Zeid Zeidan Jaber in Al Zayyem after demolition   The Municipality of Jerusalem demolished 3 houses in April 2006 in the villages of Al


The Israeli Occupation Forces tighten measures against Habla farmers and villagers

Starting from April, 2006, the Israeli occupation forces began to tighten measures on farmers and citizens of the village of Habla, Qalqiliya, by terrorizing and preventing them from approaching their

Military Orders

Israel started with digging the Tunnel on the entrance of Al Khader Village, West of Bethlehem !!!

After issuing the military order (# 210/05/T) in 21, November 2005, which states the confiscation of 85 dunums of lands from Al Khader, Battir and Beit Jala cities to construct