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Israeli Plans

Reading into Olmert’s trip to the USA and Europe

    May 24, 2006, marked the first trip made by Israel's newly elected prime minister, Ehud Olmert to the United States; which is a tradition carried out by every

Separation Plans

Israeli Wall activities in the vicinity of Rachel’s Tomb !

  On Thursday, the 27th of April 2006, the Israeli bulldozers backed by police guards resumed the constructions of the final stage of the Segregation Wall in the vicinity of

Military Orders

Limiting the access of Palestinians on Bypass Roads !

  It was published in Haaretz daily newspaper on February 18, 2006 that a new military order signed and issued by Major Genral Ya'ir Naveh, the commander of the Israeli

Military Orders

New Land Confiscation Order in Beit Jala City

    The Israeli Authorities issued on March 16, 2006, a new military order to confiscate lands for the construction of the Segregation Wall in Beit Jala city. The military

Separation Plans

Israeli High Court Rejects Appeal of Al-Ram Residents to keep Access to Jerusalem open

  In the appeal to the Israeli High, Court with regard to the Israeli Segregation Wall which enclaves the Palestinian town Al-Ram; an anticipated, yet unsurprising two verdicts were adopted

Israeli Plans

“حقنا في الهوية”
قرية العقبة الفلسطينية يستهدفها الاحتلال الاسرائيلي

    قوات الاحتلال تقوم بحرمان أهالي قرية العقبة من الهوية ، حيث تقوم بتسجيل السكان باسم قرية تياسير  وتقوم هذه القوات بحرمان أهالي  قرية العقبة هذا الحق بالإضافة إلى


Intensive demolition campaign against Palestinian housing in Jerusalem during the first three months of 2006

  The occupation Municipality of Jerusalem is continuing its occupational policies and practices in East Jerusalem which include house demolition, land plowing, land confiscation, Wall construction and illegal settlement, in


Marda village Houses and Lands flooded with Rain/Sewage Mix !!

  Introduction The settlement of Ariel, located at the eastern hills of the Governorate of Salfeet on Palestinian lands belonging to Palestinians from the villages of Marda, Hares, Bruqin, Iskaka and


Increase of Palestinians suffering at Israeli checkpoints
” The case of Jama’in village “

  As part of the on going Israeli policy of closure, separation and repression the Israeli army strengthened its measures on all checkpoints in the occupied West Bank, including the


Israeli occupation army cuts off Wadi Al Bathan road

  On April 1st, 2006, the Israeli army's bulldozers cut off the only road linking between Nablus and the northern districts of Jenin and Tubas with earth and rock mounds

Settlers Attacks

Israeli settlers occupy a residential building in the Old City of Hebron

    Israeli settlers in Hebron's old city occupied a 3 – storey residential building close to Abraham Avino colony in the old vegetable market area in the heart of

Quarterly Report

The Israeli Colonization activities in the Palestinian Territories during the 1st quarter of 2006 (January – March) / 2006

  This report highlights the chronology of events concerning the Israeli Colonizing Activities in the West Bank, Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip that occurred during the months of January to March 2006.

Separation Plans

The enclavement of Al Walajeh Village

    Al-Walajeh Village is located 8.5 km to the southwest of Jerusalem city, and about 4 kilometers to the northwest of Bethlehem city. The Village rises 750 meters above

Military Orders

A Restraining Order to halt Constructions at Al Khader Crossing Point !

    The Israeli Supreme Court issued a restraining order to halt the construction of the military crossing point on the entrance of Al Khader Village, West of Bethlehem. On November

Separation Plans

The Israeli aggressive measures continue in Beit Sira village

  Beit Sira is a Palestinian village located 15 Km to the southwest of Ramallah Governorate. It lies near the three demolished villages of Yalo, 'Imwas and Beit Nuba. After