New wave of house demolitions in Qalqilyia Governorate !

New wave of house demolitions in Qalqilyia Governorate !


The Israeli occupation authorities are targeting with demolition the Palestinian houses and other structures along the Qalqiliya – Nablus main road under the pretext of un-licensing. The Palestinians believe that the Israeli demolition campaign aims at two goals: first, blocking the expansion of Palestinian building toward the only available space in zone C and towards the aforementioned road; and, second, allowing the settlers of Kidumim settlement to expand with their construction plans over these target lands without taking into consideration the Palestinians' needs. See Map 1

Map 1: Al Funduq, Jinsafut and Hajja villages)

Map prepared by LRC


The latest demolition onslaught was carried out on February, 2006, when the following structures were demolished:

  • A resort and water storage tank built with USAID funding were demolished in the northern side of Azzun village, Qalqiliya under the pretext of un-licensing.

  • Another resort  and swimming  pool owned by Mr. Ahamd Abu Ghazi were demolished in Al Funduq, Qalqiliya under the pretext of being built in zone C.

  • Demolishing a 350 M2 one floor house owned by Mr. Hamuda Mheisen Mohammed, ID number 911681534 and resident of Al Funduq village. The Israeli occupation authorities destroyed the house under the claim of being located outside the borders of the village's old built up area. But, the new expanded built up area did include the target house within its borders together with another four houses which have the same status. Mr. Hamuda had already started licensing procedures before his house got destroyed. After spending about  50 000 US $ on his destroyed house he and his family now live in a single room inside his father's old house. See Photo 1 & Photo 2

(Photos 1 & 2:
ruins of the house of Mr. Hamuda Mohammed in


Al Funduq village)

  • Demolishing a 500 M2 chicken farm at the northern entrance to Jinsafut village, Qalqiliya.

  • Demolishing a stone – cutting factory owned by Mr. Tawfiq Ghaleb and located at the northern entranced to Jinsafut village for un-licensing.

Written demolition orders were handed over to Palestinian owners by the so-called  'civil administration's personnel' just a few minutes before getting the demolition process started, on contrary even to their occupation laws which allow a one month objection period.

More demolitions expected

The Israeli occupation authorities handed over more demolition orders against the following houses:

1.     The house of Mr. Bashir Mufeed Masalha from Al Fundug village. The newly built house has an area of 160 M2. The demolition orders states that the house was built in zone C of Oslo agreements without proper permit and that it is located close to Qalqiliay- Nablus road. To build his house Mr. Masalha had taken a bank loan and had sold his wife's jewelry. Mr. Masalha was summoned to Beit Eil court for a session to be held at the end of this month. Accordingly, he was obliged to hire an Israeli lawyer and take another bank loan to pay him.

2.     The house of Mr. Na'il Masalha, the brother of Bashir Masalha, with a total surface area of 170 M2. He recently built the house to get married and start a new family. His dreams have been destroyed by the Israeli measure. 

It is worth mentioning that owners of dozens of houses on the main Qalqiliya- Nablus road from the villages of Hajja and Al Funduq are well aware of the Israeli evil intentions to destroy these houses as part of the on going Israeli frantic campaign of demolitions in the area under the pretext of un-licensing.


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