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Eviction of Palestinians

Taking over two Palestinian residential buildings outside the walls of the old city of Jerusalem

    The Israeli greed in seizing Palestinian houses in Jerusalem is continued unabated as part of the Judaization process of the holy city. The latest chain in these expansionist efforts

Separation Plans

Wall cases are still pending at Israeli Court

  Prelude In 2002, the Israeli Government adopted a plan to construct a system of walls and fences in the Occupied Palestinian Territory. Immediately after adopting the plan, the Israeli


Janata assembly loses more land for Military Expansions !!!

  Introduction JANNATA is an assembly of Palestinian villages/communities, located south of Bethlehem city, in the southern part of the West Bank.  It is bordered by Wadi Rahhal to the

Settlers Attacks

Israeli settlers and army soldiers renew their attacks against Palestinian farmers in Kafr Qaddum

  Groups of armed settlers and soldiers in official uniform intensified their acts of provocation against the Palestinian land owners and farmers trying to reach their fertile agricultural fields east

Military Orders

A new crossing is completed between Izzariya and Jerusalem

    Since the issuance of the military order number T/20/05 on February 12th, 2005, which stated the confiscation of 25.4 dunums of land for the establishment of Abu Isbitan

Separation Plans

Al Lubban Al Gharbi Village feels the threat of the Israeli Segregation Wall

    Location Al Lubban Al Gharbi is a small village, located approximately 21 kilometers northwest of Ramallah city and reaches up 387 meters above the sea level. Al Lubban's


الانتهاء من إقامة ممر حدودي إسرائيلي جديد في موقع ” راس أبو سبيتان” جنوب شرق القدس كبديل عن حاجز الزعيم على طريق اريحا – التلة الفرنسية

           ( خارطة رقم 1: موقع المعبر الجدير في راس ابو سبيتان ومسار الجدار العازل) خارطة من اعداد ‘ مركز ابحاث الاراضي’     منذ صدور الأمر

Separation Plans

The Israeli occupation starts to build the Segregation Wall around the settlement of Enav

  The Israeli occupation forces started on March 2nd, 2006, to destroy and uproot thousands of long lived olive trees in preparation for the establishment of the Annexation and Expansion

Israeli Violations

كاديما: حصان طروادة الإسرائيلي
أولمرت يرسم رؤية أحادية للحل الدائم و الدولة الفلسطينية

    مع اقتراب موعد الانتخابات الإسرائيلية شرع قائم مقام رئيس الحكومة الإسرائيلي بالوكالة ايهود أولمرت بكشف أوراق حزب كاديما المتصدر للاستطلاعات العامة بالفوز بقيادة الحكومة عن ما يدور خلف


Imprisoning the village of Marda- Salfit governorate

  The Israeli occupation forces set up two iron gates at the western and eastern entrances to Marda village, Salfit governorate during last February turning the whole village into a


New wave of house demolitions in Qalqilyia Governorate !

  The Israeli occupation authorities are targeting with demolition the Palestinian houses and other structures along the Qalqiliya – Nablus main road under the pretext of un-licensing. The Palestinians believe

Settlers Attacks

Asfer (Metzad) settlers seize Palestinian lands under Israeli army protection

  The settlers of Asfer ( Metzad ) settlement- Hebron governorate, have seized hundreds of dunums of Palestinian owned land for two purposes: the first, to expand  the existing settlement

Separation Plans

Israel remodels wall sections in Beit Jala City

  The Israeli Occupation forces handed out residents of Beit Jala city a new military order numbered (01/06/T) and declaring the confiscation of 9 dunums of land for the construction

Military Orders

Teqou Municipality received three new Demolition Orders

  Location and population Teqou is a small village located in the south eastern part of Bethlehem city, and about 12 km away from it. The village rises 850 meters


Tarqumiya Terminal crossing is under construction deep inside West Bank territory

  The Israeli occupation forces started at mid February, 2006, to construct the Tarqumiya terminal on bypass road number 35 in Hebron governorate.  The Israeli army contacted the Palestinian land


The Israeli fever of house demolition continues in Shuqba village

  Since the eruption of the second Intifada on September 28, 2000, a series of violations of land razing and house demolitions have been committed by the Israeli Occupying forces


Inhabitants of ‘Ein Al Juweza village seeking refugee

  At 1 O'clock, the 23rd of January, 2006, the Israeli army staged into the neighborhood of 'Ein Al Juweza, in al Walajeh village, northwest of Bethlehem city and demolished

Separation Plans

The Rachel’s Tomb area is undergoing final wall constructions

  The Israeli bulldozers are back to Rachel's Tomb area to continue with Wall constructions planned to be implemented close to the tomb. The bulldozers guarded by Israeli Police Border