Kadima … A Plastic Surgery to the Old School !

Kadima … A Plastic Surgery to the Old School !

Thursday, November 24, 2005, witnessed the birth of a new Israeli party; it is called 'Kadima' meaning 'forward'. The new party is expected to break a dominant streak of the two major Israeli political parties (labor & Likud) who swapped the Israeli government control throughout decades. The new party 'Kadima' is the inspiration of one of Israel's prominent politicians, currently the prime minister of Israel and just until few weeks ago the head of the Likud party, the father of the Israeli settlements, Ariel Sharon. The new party drew constituents from both major Israeli parties among many other political parties, in addition to independents. However, members of the Likud parties in addition to the national extremists calling for an unadulterated Jewish State met the news of the new party with a vicious campaign of condemnation and criticism.

What does Kadima stand for?

The new party 'Kadima' is a call for creating a 'pure blooded' and 'democratic!' Jewish State; even-though it involves relinquishing part of the so-called land of Israel 'Eretz Yisrael' to the Palestinians as a part of the party's plan, which include support to the establishment of an independent Palestinian State as a means to resolve the Palestinian â?? Israeli conflict. But there is more; Kadima's objective is to make sure that Israel remains a Jewish predominant State at every cost with the major settlement blocs, which include 98 Israeli settlements accommodating approximately 375,000 settlers (83% of the 450.000 Israeli settlersâ?? population in the West Bank), located behind the Western Segregation Wall, in addition to continued dominance over the Jordan Valley area.

However, no mention was made to the fate of the Israeli settlements located between the Segregation Wall and the Jordan Valley. On the other hand; a principle that was unanimously underlined and unambiguously verified is 'unified' Jerusalem that will remain under Israeli control under any peace agreement. Oddly, Kadima still recognizes the Road Map peace plan (endorsed by the United States, the European Union, Russia and the United Nations) as a base to future political settlement with the Palestinians, even though the Road Map calls upon Israel to freeze all settlement related activities in occupied West Bank territory; but Kadima vows to sustain these settlement activities. Israeli polls indicated that immediate election would put Kadima in the control seat at the Israeli parliament with 40-45 (33-38%) of the 120 Israeli Knesset seats. The Israeli parliament election is set to take place on the 28 of March 2006. 

What kind of a Palestinian State Kadima is looking for?

The answer to such question lay in the schemes and convections of those foremost members of Kadima, the same ex-member and leaders of the Likud and Labor parties, which explain the overlapping of the main principles between their erstwhile parties and this new revelation; Kadima. This new party 'Kadima' is basically similar to the time when Israeli parties had unified governments; were the same principles apply:

  • Keep hold of the settlements blocs, 

  • Continue building the Segregation Wall,

  • Maintain Israeli control over the Jordan Valley area,     

  • Maintain control of 'unified' Jerusalem under Israeli control,

  • Maintain control of Palestinian's movement between West Bank and Gaza,

  • Preserve the right to infiltrate Palestinian controlled areas under security pretext,

  • Maintain corridors penetrating across the West Bank, linking Israel with the Jordan Valley area,

  • Continue with the settlements expansion program,

  • To establish a Palestinian State,

There is nothing new about Kadima, same principles of Israeli parties apply; except it is has been done in a different formation; much like a regroup move before continuing forward (Kadima) in the same path.



Prepared by:  
The Applied Research Institute – Jerusalem