A new colonial spot at the expense of Palestinian Families in Yatta Town ..!

A new colonial spot at the expense of Palestinian Families in Yatta Town ..!

At the beginning of November, Israeli settlers form Karmel settlement started to construct a new residential quarter at a distance of 150 meters from the southern fence of the settlement over 50 dunums of lands confiscated in recent years from Al Hazalin family (Eid Yamin Judei' Al Hazalin).

The settlement of Karmel was established in 1981 over lands confiscated from Yatta land owners and farmers. According to the Foundation for Middle East Peace, the settlement's population reached 319 in the Israeli census of 2004. Close to it are located the settlements of Ma'on and Susiya (established in 1981 and 1983 respectively. See Map 1

Location of Karmel settlement in red rectangular

Land owners and citizens in the area have confirmed that construction works are going round the clock under the protection of the Israeli army. It is worth mentioning that the construction of this new colonial quarter entails the seizure of hundreds of dunums of grazing and agricultural lands in the south east of Yatta town which are the only source of livelihood for many Palestinian families in the area given that most families are Bedouin who totally depend on animal breeding and cereal production as main income. See Photos 1,2 & 3   &   

Construction of permanent house basis for the new colonial spot
(Photos courtesy of LRC ) )

Enforcement of new realities

The on going construction works are being carried out despite the fact that Palestinian land owners obtain all the proper land ownership and registration documents. No land confiscation orders whatsoever have been handed over to land owners.  Last year, the Israeli Supreme Court decided not to build this quarter at the expense of the lands of Al Hazalin family in response to an objection submitted by the affected people.  The Israeli settlers' persistence to go ahead with their expansionist plans is a clear defiance of the legal system of the Israeli state.  See photo 4

The settlement of Karmel Photo courtesy of LRC Photo courtesy of LRC

The aim of this expansion, according to people of Yatta Town, is to create new realities on the ground through expelling the Palestinian citizens out of the area and building new Jewish quarters in their places. More than 60 people from the 6 extended families of Late Mr. Eid Al Hazlain are threatened to be expelled out of the place in case the Israeli plans are continued. In addition, more than 1000 heads of sheep and goats will be deprived of their grazing zones to the south and south east of the current Karmel settlement. See photos 5 & 6

Palestinian dwellings in the forefront and Karmel settlement in the back front
(Photo courtesy of LRC))

Photos 7 & 8

Animal sheds in the forefront and Karmel settlement in the back front
(Photo courtesy of LRC) 


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