Total ghettoiztion of four Palestinain villages in Qalqiliya governorate

Total ghettoiztion of four Palestinain villages in Qalqiliya governorate

Four Palestinian villages located south of Qalqiliya governorate have been totally ghettoized by the Israeli Segregation Wall.  These villages are:


 Village name


Ad Dab'a


Ras at Tira


Arab ar Ramadin al Janubi


Arab Abu Farda




Source: Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS)




Map 1: Location map


The people of these villages are mostly dependent on agriculture as their main income. The Wall has encircled them from all sides and separated them from their Palestinian environs, causing economic, social and psychological damage. The length of the Wall around this enforced ghetto is 12 km with a width of 100 meters.


The reason behind this ghettoization is to annex the settlement of Alfei Menashe established in 1983 over lands confiscated from Palestinian villages. According to the Foundation for Middle East Peace, the settlement had the population of 5400 in the year 2004.


The construction of the Wall has led to the confiscation, devastation and isolation of the total of 8000 dunums out of 10000 dunums of fertile agricultural lands affiliated to these four villages. Three Wall iron gates were also erected around these villages:

1.     Gate number 34 between Ras at Tira and Kafr Thulth;

2.     Gate number 36 between Ras at Tira and Ras 'Atiya;

3.     Gate number 38 southeast of Ras at Tira;




Photo 1: The Iron Wall gate between Ras at Tira and Ras 'Atiya


Ever since the establishment of the Wall, these three gates have been closed except for gate number 36. Initially, Israeli soldiers guarding the gate used to be open it only 3 hours a day (in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening). Following continuous protests and demands on the part of humanitarian organizations such the International Committee of Red Cross, the Israeli high court issued a ruling stipulating a 24 hours opening of this gate. Nevertheless, the Israeli military agreed to open the gate from 6 AM to 6 PM. No opening takes place after 6 PM under any condition.


Recently, the Israeli military have increased their repressive measures against the Palestinian people living in these communities in that they prevented them from bringin in food stuff and other basic livelihood materials through gate number 36 despite the fact that it is classified as an agricultural gate.


This measure obliged local citizens to seek other longer alternative roads like passing through the military checkpoint number 109 located at the southern edge of Qalqiliyia city towards the settlement of Alfei Menashe and then walking on a very long and dirt road to reach these communities. According to local inhabitants, such Israeli inhumane practices aim at forcing them out of the area as a prelude to final confiscation and annexation of their lands and properties.



Photo 2:  Wall Fortifications


Quite many complaints and criticisms have been forwarded to the Israeli occupation authorities by the International Committee of Red Cross and other organizations against these practices but, yet, to no avail. 





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