Jericho Handover Pending the Fulfillment of the Israeli Perspective
“Building Confidence is a Vice-Versa Process”.

Jericho Handover Pending the Fulfillment of the Israeli Perspective <br> “Building Confidence is a Vice-Versa Process”.

What is happening with the Jericho deal between the Palestinians and the Israelis; is just a typical episode of the Israeli insistence to impose their will regardless of the upshots.


Following the optimism wave that stormed the region following the Sharm Al-Sheikh summit February 8, 2005; in Egypt between the Palestinian and the Israeli premiers, it seems that the shores of realities have broken the wave and dispersed the aspiration of peace that might come along with it.


The Palestinian – Israeli summit concluded among various issues that Israel would handover the administration (including security) of five Palestinian cities to the Palestinian Authority. Apparently, Israel had a different view with regard to the withdrawal from these cities as it conveyed to the Palestinian side in a security officials meeting that the scope of withdrawal will only include the inner city areas while they (the Israelis) maintain control over checkpoints located at the entrances of these cities. The absurdity of the Israeli angle lie in the fact that they are not positioned anywhere inside Jericho or the other cities in the first place but set on the outskirts threatening to barge-in whenever they need to; so practically, all they are proposing is to facilitate Palestinians movement going in and out of these cities. The Palestinian officials refused the Israeli withdrawal version, which will be more of a ceremonial event and will have no tangible impact on the Palestinians who will not experience the freedom of movement.


The meeting held between Palestinian and Israeli security officials February 15, 2005 reached a dead end as the security officials from the Israeli side refused to handover the security administration to the Palestinian side as concluded in Sharm Al-Sheikh summit. The Israelis refused to handover control on Al-Uja village located north of Jericho along road 90 which is frequently used by Israeli settlers living along the Jordan valley area and/ or remove 6 roadblocks sealing off the district; in addition to two main checkpoints; one is located at the district's northern entrance on road 90 near Al-Uja village and the other flanks Aqbat Jaber refugee camp located at the southern entrance of the district. Upon this Israeli improvised impediment, the handover process of the five Palestinians cities to the Palestinian Authority Administration has been held up to resolve on the upper political level between both sides. The following map shows the status of Jericho under Israeli siege.



New Rounds of Meetings Hit Cul-De-Sac 


The resumed talks between Palestinian and Israeli security officials had ended with the same fate of the first round of talks (mid February), failure. Two weeks following the first round of talks, Israel still unwilling to meet its commitments to realize the understanding made in Sharm Al-Sheikh summit February 8, 2005, which seriously undermine all efforts made to jump-start the peace process. Israel created impediments to stall handover procedures of Palestinian cities to the Palestinian Authority control; demanding that the PA dismantle and disarm all Palestinian resistance movements; even though the latter had agreed to suspend all of their activities against Israel; has only proved that Israel is insincere about achieving tangible progress to push the peace process forward. Furthermore, the Israeli actions on the ground continue to provoke the Palestinians; the incessant construction of the Segregation Wall throughout the West Bank, the continued expansion of settlements, continued support, development and erection to outposts; attempting to activate the 'Absentee Property Law' in Jerusalem and denying villagers access to their lands west of the Segregation Wall.


Building Confidence is a Vice-Versa Process

The Palestinian Authority has kept its end of the bargain to implement a total cease-fire, on the other hand, Israel backing up from the decision adopted in Sharm Al-Sheikh summit including the prisoners release; will reactivate the cycle of violence as it should realize that confidence-building measures is an equally shared responsibility between the two sides.




Prepared by:
The Applied Research Institute – Jerusalem


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