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Separation Plans

Unveiling the real drive behind the Segregation Plan

'Delineating the borders of the Palestinian state'   At last, Israel unveiled its true intentions of the Segregation Wall built along the West Bank western border and of the entire


Palestinian house demolished for settlement expansion in Khirbet Fugeigis – Hebron district

  Name of victim: Ayed Mahmud Abdul Hadi Abu Sharar, 38 years old. Social status: married. Family size: 9 members, including 7 children under the age of 16. Profession: unemployed

Separation Plans

The Segregation Wall: Grave impacts and violation of Palestinians’ Rights

'A Live tragedy and endless Suffering '   In June 2002, the Israeli government began to build a Segregation Wall on the Palestinian lands in the West Bank and Gaza

Military Orders

A new Confiscation order in lands of Surif and Al Jab’a villages in Hebron Governorate

  A new military order was issued on December 15th, 2004by Chief Commander of the Israeli Occupation Forces in Judea & Samaria, Moshe Kaplenski, stipulating the confiscation of about 610.5


Israeli Occupying Forces Destroy More Palestinian Homes in ‘Anata

On Monday, November 29 Israeli occupying forces demolished two Palestinian homes in the village of 'Anata.   The homes were on the southern flank of the village near the planned

Settlement Expansion

Hebrew University expansionist plans

    The Israeli occupation forces commenced on October 2004 ( end of first week) the construction of basic infrastructure in Palestinian lands in Jerusalem city for the benefit of

Separation Plans

Israel Misinforms the World with A New Plan for the Segregation Wall

In a surprising statement from Israeli official sources regarding the undergoing Segregation Wall built in occupied West Bank, a new route plan for the Segregation Wall have been put foreword

Settlement Expansion

Illegal Israeli settlement outposts continue to Expand throughout the Occupied West Bank

The Israeli Government is continuing its illegal construction of Israeli settlement outposts inside the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT).  The outposts, like other Israeli settlements in the OPT, are violation of

Military Orders

Israel to challenge High Court decision … !!!

In June 29, 2004, the Israeli High Court ordered a halt to the construction of a 30 Kilometer section of the Segregation Wall affecting nine Palestinian villages. The villages, Beit


The Segregation Wall grabs agricultural lands of Beit Ula town

    General introduction:- In case the Wall, with all its three stages, is erected it will transform the West Bank into three, unconnected cantons an area of which does

Israeli Plans

The new Jerusalem Master Plan grabs 250 dunums of ‘Issawiya village lands

    Residents of Al Issawiya village in Jerusalem Governorate were taken by surprise during the last week of September 2004 when a group of Israel's Land Authority employees placed