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New Israeli Settlements

A state of House arrest and the construction of a new settlement prevails in Abu Dis town

    Ever since the 1967 War , which resulted in the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip along with other Arab Territories, Israel continued to grab as

Eviction of Palestinians

Israel Withholds Residency Rights to Palestinians in East Jerusalem …

Israeli Border Police verbally notified 17 Palestinian families last week that they would be expelled from their homes in the East Jerusalem suburb of Abu Dis. The Border Police, a

Israeli Violations

Israel’s Olive theft policy is continued from the early days of occupation

    Israel continues its old-new policy to steal olive trees and replant them either inside its settlements in the Palestinian Territories or inside Israel. Such a policy started as


Olive Harvest in Palestine. Another Season, Another Anguish

The autumn months in Palestine mark the season for harvesting olives. The olive harvest is traditionally a joyful and celebrated time of the year in Palestinian communities. Since the Israeli

Separation Plans

New Israeli Segregation Plans in Beit Sahour

Beit Sahour (The Shepherd's Field) Beit Sahour is a Palestinian town located 1 km east of Bethlehem and is the biblical location of the Shepherd's Field. The town, which was