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Quarterly Report

The Israeli Colonization activities in the Palestinian Territories during the 3ed quarter of 2004

  This report highlights the chronology of events concerning colonizing activities in the West Bank, Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip that occurred during the months of April to June. It


Hizma Eclipsed by the Segregation Wall

  On the northeastern outskirts, approximately 4.5 miles from Jerusalem city, lays Hizma village on 10,400 Dunums (Arij GIS Unit) of land. Hizma is surrounded by five Palestinian villages; Anata,

Military Orders

Land confiscation orders for the purpose of Wall construction in Hebron governorate

    The Israeli occupation forces distributed three military orders within the past two months stipulating the confiscation of hundreds of dunums in the areas located in the west, north


The Segregation Wall Ravage more lands in Beit Jala

Once again, the Israeli Army distributed two new military orders for two new segments of the Segregation Wall set to penetrate the cultivated (with olive trees) lands of Beit Jala

Israeli Violations

A disregard of Human Rights

In cooperation with PCHRGAZA   Law and House demolition:- Palestinians first witnessed the demolition of their houses following the 1949 war when more than 400 Palestinian villages had been depopulated

Settlement Expansion

The Obstacles to Peace Just Got Bigger !!! Why Puff up the Israeli Settlements Now ?

At the time that Israel is mutating the West Bank borders with its so-called ''security wall'' better known to the world as the ''Segregation Wall'', it commits all sorts of

Israeli Violations

Disconnection between Body and Soul ….The case of Shu’fat….

Shu'fat city is located about 3 km north of Jerusalem city and houses a population of approximately 15,000 according to Shu'fat Imam, Mr. Mahmoud Abu Khdeir. Shu'fat refugee camp is

Separation Plans

Ar Ram: a Palestinian town facing the threat of the Segregation Wall

Ar Ram, a Palestinian town in east Jerusalem, located approximately 7 kilometers north of East Jerusalem city center. During the Roman period, this town was known as Al Ramah and

Israeli Violations

A blatant violation of International laws … The case of Al Qubeibeh …

Al Qubeibeh, a Palestinian village located 11 kilometers to the northwest of Jerusalem city. It is situated on 235 dunums of land and houses a population of 2500 inhabitant. Across


The Segregation Wall: What is it after the Hague Court Ruling?

The dome of the rock in the old city of Jerusalem  appears behind the Wall in  Abu Dis- Photo courtesy of Reuters   Introduction Despite all international positions, last of


Az Zawiya: A model for non-violent resistance against the construction of the Segregation Wall

  Az Zawiya- Salfit: A man and his wife sitting in front of an Israeli bulldozers working on the the construction of the Apartheid Wall   Location and population Az

Israeli Violations

A profile of the Israeli violations against people and land of Shufa village

  Location and population Shufa village is located 7 kilometers to the southwest of Tulkarem city and is 9 kilometers away from the Green Line.  It is the mother town

Military Orders

The wall constructions south of Jerusalem and the strangulation of Beit Jala town

Despite the ICJ decision on July 9, 2004 regarding the illegal construction of a Wall through the West Bank, Israel is intensifying its unilateral actions in the Occupied Palestinian territories