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Israel commences wall constructions on ‘Anata village lands

Despite the ICJ advisory opinion on July 9, 2004, Israel continues to build the Segregation Wall in the Occupied Palestinian territories causing more damages to the Palestinian economy and affecting


The Israeli attacks against sacred trees continue … !!!

  Photo 1: An old fig tree died by poisonous substances sprayed by settlers, : An old fig tree died by poisonous substances sprayed by settlers, Photo courtesy of LRC

Settlement Expansion

The Epidemic of Israeli Outposts

In spite of all the efforts employed by the international community to deploy peaceful solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict; Israel still persists with its long adopted policy to create facts


‘Anata Village Profile

Location:- 'Anata village is located 4 kilometers northeast of Jerusalem city and houses a population of 9067 (PCBS 2003). Its boundaries extend from Jericho east to Jerusalem west.   Land

Separation Plans

The Palestinian Village Artas Falls in the Vortex of the Segregation Wall

Artas village is an agricultural community situated 2.5 miles at the southwest entrance of Bethlehem district with a population of 3000 people, most of whom are farmers. The Word Artas

Bypass Roads

New Developments on the East & Southeast Terrains of Bethlehem Governorate

    On July 6, 2004, the Israeli bulldozers commenced work in the area most recognized to the Palestinian as ''the Container Checkpoint'' located at the hilltop of the Qidron


Violating international laws … Disproportionate re-incursion of Palestinian communities in Gaza Strip

''The Israeli demolition comes without pre-notification, a single tank shells fire straight into the Palestinian houses .. inhabitants must run under heavy barrage of gunfire capturing their children and scattering into


Security or Land Grab !!!

Beit Anan is a Palestinian village located to the northwest of Ramallah district. It houses a total population of 4018 inhabitant according to PCBS 2003 Statistics. Almost 50% of the

Military Orders

Israel Remodels Military Order #03/14/T North of Bethlehem

The northern entrance of Bethlehem district (8 Km south of Jerusalem) has always constituted an obstacle to the Israeli plans that aimed at sealing it and banning the Palestinian population


Beit Sira: A Palestinian Village on the verge of diminishing

Beit Sira is a Palestinian village located 22 Km southwest of Ramallah district. Before the creation of the State of Israel in 1948, the village spread over 8000 Dunums of


Israeli army’s terror and Sabotage actions in Al Yamun town, Jenin District

  Location, population & area The town of Al Yamun is located 9 km to the west of Jenin city. Its population is estimated at 16000 inhabitants. The total area

Separation Plans

The remaining lands of Attayba village threatened by the Segregation Wall constructions

    Location and population The border village of Attayba is located 16 km to the north west of Jenin city. In 1967, it had a population of 450 people.