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Israeli Ethnic Cleansing in Rafah

  In cooperation with the Palestinian Center for Human Rights ( Starting by severing all the geographic link to the city of Rafah, completely isolating it from the rest of


The exercise of house demolition in Imreha village.

  Imreha- Jenin: The elderly disabled Mr. Ali Turkman sitting in his mini barrack shop before it was demolished, Photo courtesy of LRC Location and population The village of Imreha


The nonstop campaign of house demolition in Gaza Strip

In cooperation with the Palestinian Center for Human Rights – Gaza PCHRGAZA     A repetition of history, Palestinian flee the turmoil and panic of the Israeli army war against


Azzun- Atma: A village encircled by the Wall

Location and Population: The village of Azzun is located two kilometers to the east of the Green Line and is about 11 kilometers away from Qalqilia's southeastern side . Its

Israeli Plans

Reinforcing the Jewish existence in East Jerusalem

Background:- Jerusalem city has been for a long time the heart of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. The question of a Palestinian statehood is still unresolved and has gained most of the

Settlement Expansion

Settlement Expansion in Gaza

The Sunday, May 3, 2004 Likud party referendum on Gaza withdrawal plan did nothing but fuel the Israeli settler’s appetite to consume more Palestinian lands to build more houses and

Bypass Roads

Bypass roads are not more innocent than walls

  On February 2002, the Israeli army commenced the construction of a new ''bypass road'' southeast of Bethlehem. The road, according to the military order number 02/02/C which was issued


Historic buildings are targeted in Hebron’s Old city

Hebron- Old city- Part of the residential compound threatened with demolition, Photo courtesy of LRC    The Israeli occupation forces issued two military orders to demolish 11 housing units and

Military Orders

The suffocation of all forms of viable life in Al Aqaba village

    Location and Population: The village of Al Aqaba is located 7 kilometers east of the city of Tubas. Its population reaches 300 which is a significant reduction given


Land razing and house demolition in Deir El Balah city

Location: Deir El Balah is a Palestinian city located in the Gaza Strip 14.6km southwest of Gaza city; it has a population of 48000 inhabitants (according to Deir Al Balah

Settlement Expansion

Settlements expanding in and around East Jerusalem for the year 2004

Following the 1967, War, Israel occupied the West Bank including East Jerusalem and Gaza Strip. Israel also started its progressive policy of Israelization in occupied east Jerusalem after the 1967

Military Orders

Khirebt Tanna: A village threatened by Evacuation and Destruction

  Location and Population Tanna Hamlet is located 7 kilometers to the east of the town of Beit Furik, Nablus. The population of this Hamlet is divided into farmers and


The Wall to strangulate Isla village

    'Eighty percent of the land of Isla village has been confiscated or separated by the Wall construction' Location and Population The village of Isla is located 9 kilometers