Curfew Continues in Bethlehem Eastern towns

Curfew Continues in Bethlehem Eastern towns

Israeli Show of Force in Bethlehem city


For the fourth day in a row, a complete 24-hour curfew is still imposed on Beit Sahour city and its suburbs. Residents are trapped in their houses and aren't able to reach their work places in Bethlehem area and the surrounding villages. 


Residents whose workshops are positioned in Beit Sahour are forced to close their shops; besides, schools are out of service and students are deprived their Right to proper Education.


Since February 22ed, 2004, Israel has imposed a tight closure on Bethlehem Governorate. The closure was further tightened following the assassination of Sheikh Ahmad Yasin on the 22 of March 2004. The Israeli army is still blocking the Cidron Valley road  which is the only entrance for Palestinians coming from Jerusalem, Ramallah and the northern areas and it is also the only exit for those heading to their destinations outside Bethlehem area. For more information, click here


The daily losses due to the siege imposed on the city are quite high and the severe restriction on movements of persons and goods within the governorate area resulted in a dramatic decline in income and employment levels.


Collective punishment

(Article 33, IV of Geneva Convention states that '….Collective penalties and likewise all measures of intimidation or of terrorism are prohibited '  Such Israeli conduct constitutes a form of collective punishment and appear to punish the whole Palestinian community; thus breaching the prohibition of collective punishment stated in the Fourth Geneva Convention and the Hague Regulations.




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The Applied Research Institute – Jerusalem



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