Wall removal or play of route

Wall removal or play of route

Residents of East Baqa (Esh sharqiya) are trapped between the two Segregation Walls that are part of phase I and built at the eastern and western sides of Baqa vilage in the early beginning of the year 2003.


The international community exerted pressure on Israel to remove the extending Wall east of Baqa Esh Sharqieh where, Israel decided to remove the Wall in timing with the ICJ sessions (International Court of Justice). Villagers of Baqa were not enthusiastic for such an act that is considered as 'a dirty game' as the western Baqa wall is being erected.


The system of the wall is composed of multiple sections whereas a military road is part of it and is not removed. Meanwhile, the Israeli Occupation Forces -IOF- are always able to use or to re-erect the system in any case under any security pretext.


In addition, the removal of that part of the wall does not mean the full liberty of Palestinian residents in the area as long as there is an approval by the Israeli government to build what is called another secondary or 'depth wall' which will enclose the following villages:  



Village name



East Baqa (Esh Sharqieh)



Nazlet Issa



Al Nazleh Al Sharqieh


Nazlet Abu Nar














 * Source: PCBS 2002  



The removal of this section of the wall near East Baqa means the creation of a larger enclave composed of the aforementioned villages. Moreover, the main Segregation wall erected west of Baqa Esh Sharqieh will be totally closed, resulting in the destruction of the village's economy as it is the central market for the neighboring villages such as West Baqa where many people used to shop and get services. See map of Wall near Baqa.



The environmental destruction caused by the erection of this part of the wall is enormous since farmers will no longer be able to plant their lands as the Israeli bulldozers shaved, bulldozed and paved the land for the new military fenced road. See Photo 1 & Photo 2 &




Residents of Nazlet Issa paid the price when their houses and commercial stores were demolished in January 2003 to build the first phase of the Segregation Wall.  The Wall will always be of great suffering to residents of Nazlet Issa and Baqa Esh Sharqieh even if this part is removed. The question is who decides that the wall is important for security after uprooting all the fruitful trees and demolishing of Palestinian houses. Photo 3: The Israeli bulldozers working near Baqa for the Wall.





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