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Israeli Security on the Expense of Palestinian human Rights

Israel's confiscation of land and properties belonging to the Palestinians in different parts of the Palestinian territories is a dominant feature of the occupation and an essential component of Israel's

Military Orders

World Silence is an Incentive for new Israeli violations

    On December 25, 2003, the Israeli Offense Army (IOA) issued a seize order # 03/49T (Judea & Samaria) 2003 ''effective immediately''. The order relocates the route of the

Separation Plans

Israeli’s new border plan north of Bethlehem.

    Referring to our report ''New Qiryat Arba' at the northern entrance of Bethlehem city'' published on September 2003, the Israeli intentions to transform the city of Bethlehem into


Intensification of house demolition campaign in Gaza Strip during the year 2003.

  In cooperation with PCHRGAZA  ( The Palestinian Center for Human Rights) ( The Palestinian Center for Human Rights)   Gaza Strip is one of the most densely populated areas in


Israel Bottleneck Visitors to Palestinian Territories … ‘ Another Israeli Act of Desperation …’

Welcome to the State of Israel … under this statement/ announcement Israel is adding yet another obstruction to prohibit foreigners from entering the Palestinian Territories as if the 84 permanent military

Settlement Expansion

Outposts: the Unripe Settlements

Following the 1967 war when Israel captured the West Bank, Israel declared vast areas of the West Bank as 'State Land' designated for settlements, natural reserves, and military closed areas.

Israeli Violations

Living in a Cage

Besides being victims of the Israeli occupation, Palestinians are daily facing the Israeli threat of confiscating their land especially after Israel started implementing its Segregation plan in June 2002. The

Separation Plans

The Isolation of Budrus Village – Ramallah

After launching the Israeli segregation plan to construct the so-called Segregation Wall, Israel has been issuing military orders to annex more Palestinian fertile land in the West Bank. Since the

Israeli Violations

ARIJ Staff Detained while on Duty

    On January 12, 2004 at approximately 11:30 Am, two of ARIJ Staff were placed in custody during a routine field work at Al-Khas village in Bethlehem District. Issa

Military Orders

The Holy City … The Fatal Change

It has always been the case that Jerusalem was, and still is, a dilemma in any vision for a possible political solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. And so, Israel has