Bulldozing of land and uprooting of trees in Beit Awa village, Hebron district

Bulldozing of land and uprooting of trees in Beit Awa village, Hebron district


Type of Violation: Devastation of agricultural land and uprooting of trees

 Place of violation: Beit Awa junction, 15 km to the south west of Hebron, basin 32, plots 243,245,242, 250,249,190.


Israeli military checkpoint at Beit Awa junction where land devastation and trees uprooting took place
Perpetrator: Israeli army.


1.     Mr. Kaid Shaker As Suweiti, 70 years old, resident of Beit Awa, , married.
Family size: 15 members, of which 7 children under the age of 16

2.      Mr. Yusif mohammed Hashish, 60 years old, resident of As Sika village, married
Family size: 10 members, of which 6 children under the age of 16.

  • Area of bulldozed land: 10 dunums.
  • Number type of trees uprooted: 400 olive trees, 8 almonds and 4 oaks.
  • Purpose of devastation: Erection of a new military camp on the road to the Settlement of Yehuda Negohot.

Historical background

In 1980, the Settlement of Yehuda Negohot, 2.5 kms to the east of Beit Awa, was initially established on 40 dunums of land confiscated from Mr. Mohammed Abdul Qader Abu Sharar, from the village of Bier As Sika, 3 km to the south of Beit Awa.

In 1994, the Israeli occupation authorities constructed a new road linking the Settlement of Yehuda Negohot with Seigev settlement, to the western side of the Green Line. They also installed electricity poles on the land of Mr. Kaid As Suweiti, which is located at the western edge of the Settlement and makes about 2200 dunums. Mr. As Suweiti complained to the Israeli authorities in Beit Eil, and afterwards to the Israeli magistrates court in Jerusalem showing them his documents of ownership which included a Turkish Taboo, but in vain.

Mr.  As Suweiti continued to use his land until the year 2000 when some Israeli settlers from Yehuda Negohot dismissed his family from the house ( 160 M2 ) located inside the confiscated land. The house became a permanent residence for the settlers who even took the furniture and the cistern. Ever since, no one from the family of Mr. As Suweiti has been allowed to enter the land. Nowadays, 7 mobile homes (caravans) stand on the land as a new expansion westwards for the original Settlement.

The latest attack took place on November 17th, 2003, when the Israeli army bulldozers started to level 10 dunums of land owned by Mr. Kaid As Suweiti and Mr. Yusif Hashish (5 dunums each). The land is located near the existing army post at the junction of Beit Awa, guarding the road to the Settlement of Yehuda Negohot.


As a result,  400 olive trees at the age of 50 years, 8 almond trees and 4 oak trees were uprooted. The land was bulldozed to make room for the establishment of an army camp at the junction.

Currently, the Israeli army maintains constant presence at the roof of a Palestinian house, cutting the main road which is linking the Palestinian front line villages in the north of Beit Awa with the south. No Palestinian transportation is allowed to pass through this checkpoint. The establishment of the newly planned military camp will double the Palestinian suffering.   See Photo 1

Mr. Kaid Shaker As Suweiti with his box which is full of land ownership papers

Photo 2 & Photo 3 

The Settlement of Yehuda Negohot in the far end and the new expansion in the forefront

The Settlement of Yehuda Negohot opposite the entrance to Beit Awa village


See Photo 4 

The current Israeli army post at the top of a Palestinian house located at the junction of Beit Awa.


The land devastated is located behind the house appearing in the above picture, (on the other side of the road leading to the Settlement of Yehuda Negohot). See Copy 1 & Copy 2 of ownership documents  




Prepared by
The Land Research Center – Jerusalem

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