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The Olive Harvest Season in Palestine, 2003

  'And the dove came in to him in the evening; and, lo, in her mouth was an olive leaf pluckt off: so Noah knew that the waters were abated


The Confiscation of 3,000 Dunums for the Expansion of Kiryat Arba’ and Kharsina Colonies in Hebron Governorate

  Historical Background One year after the Six-Days War in 1967, the Israeli government, as represented by the Gush Emonuim movement, put the cornerstone of the Settlement of Kiryat Arba

Separation Plans

Impact of the Segregation Wall on Jayyus village – Qalqiliyia

  Location: the village of Jayyus is located 8 km to the east of Qalqiliyia city.  Population: the population of Jayyus is about 3200 inhabitants, comprised of 550 nucleus families


Bulldozing of land and uprooting of trees in Beit Awa village, Hebron district

  Type of Violation: Devastation of agricultural land and uprooting of trees  Place of violation: Beit Awa junction, 15 km to the south west of Hebron, basin 32, plots 243,245,242,


Humiliation at the Israeli military Checkpoints

  The Israeli occupation forces have been obstructing vehicular and pedestrian travel in most parts of the West Bank and by all means. They have erected a large number of

Military Orders

The forgotten Al ‘Aqba village

The Israeli authorities have mounted an intense campaign of house demolitions in the Palestinian territories to construct the Segregation Wall. It became clear that the campaign objective is not security

Military Orders

“Law in Service of Occupation Instead of Human Rights”
House Demolition orders in the Village of Qatanna-Jerusalem

  Introduction Israeli occupation forces submitted house demolition orders to seven Palestinian families living in the village of Qatanna, located northwest of Jerusalem, under the pretext that they were built

Separation Plans

Impact of the Segregation Wall on the Palestinian communities The village of Faqqua strangled by the Wall

  Place of violation: The village of Faqqua – Jenin district. Location: The village of Faqqua is located 11 km north east of Jenin adjacent to the green line. See


Living under the sky roof

  Under the Israeli slogan of ''LAND WITH NO PEOPLE'', the Israeli Occupation Forces continued to demolish Palestinian houses in the West Bank and Gaza Strip under different pretexts as


A fall from Grace … Al Zahra building towers victims of the Israeli explosives

  As Palestinians were preparing to begin the fasting month of Ramadan, they expressed their sadness towards the Israeli incursion into Al Zahra town, which resulted in the demolition of