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New Israeli Settlements

Ras Al Amoud Neighborhood: A hot spot in occupied East Jerusalem

    Background The attempts to colonize more and more lands in East Jerusalem by the ultra-orthodox Jewish religious groups are never halted or stopped. The general case is that

Israeli Plans

The Segregation Wall … New map provided for the wall by the IOF

  The Israeli Occupation Forces -IOF- are daily changing the path of the Segregation Wall that is currently under construction in the northern districts of the West Bank and around


Qalqiliya between the jaws of the Apartheid Wall

Two Palestinian children look through apartheid wall LRC   Background Qalqiliya is located in the northern western part of West Bank. It is the smallest   Palestinian governorate and the mostly

Israeli Plans

In synchronization with Aqaba Peace Summit
Two ministers in Sharon’s cabinet lead Jewish colonists in seizing Palestinian House in occupied Arab Jerusalem

    Name of owner: Mr. Abdul Razaq Al alami Location: Nablus road, opposite the American consulate, about 200 meters north of Damascus Gate. An aerial photograph showing part of the


New wave of Israeli Violations in Tequa village

  A week after the Aqaba summit, in which the two sides (The Palestinians and the Israelis ) committed themselves to the proposed Roadmap, Israel exerted pressure on Palestinians, going


Dismantling or reallocating

  The Israeli media reported that the Israeli army succeeded yesterday evening, June 9th 2003, to dismantle 10 Israeli outposts represented mainly in caravans. Those 10 outposts never existed or