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The Map accepted, the Road blocked !

  The government of Israel recently accepted the 'Road Map' which calls for normalizing the Palestinian daily life and providing more facilities for the movement in the West Bank in


The Segregation Wall… A new Episode of changing Jerusalem Boundaries

    Background: Soon after its occupation in 1967, Israel seized control over the Gaza strip and the West Bank including East Jerusalem. Since that time, Israel has either confiscated


Al-Khas and Al-Nu’man villages between the jaws of occupation

    The villages of Al-Khas and Al-Nu'man are located at the interconnection of the municipality borders of Bethlehem, Beit Sahour and Jerusalem. The two villages have about 230 residents,

Eviction of Palestinians

Homeless in front of their homes

    The Jewish settlers in East Jerusalem are increasing each day their violations against the Palestinian residents of the city in an attempt to depopulate the maximum number of

Military Orders

Ghettos are still created in Bethlehem District

    The continuous Israeli actions that strangulate the district of Bethlehem slice more lands to construct by-pass roads, expand existing settlements and erect a part of the Segregation wall.

Bypass Roads

Za’tara By-pass road works in photos

Za'tara 11-2-2002     Za'tara  2-6-2002       Za'tara 2-10-2002                 Za'tara 12-4-2003   Za'tara 22-4-2003 Za'tara 23-4-2003   Related links: How Palestinians