The Israeli budget: a pocket money for the settlements in West Bank and Gaza strip ?!

The Israeli budget:  a pocket money for the settlements in West Bank and Gaza strip ?!

The Israeli government is devoting NIS 1.9 billion  from its budget for the settlements in the occupied territories of West Bank and Gaza strip for the year 2003. This budget is considered to be as a financial incentive for settlers who intend to live in settlements located in Palestinian territories. On the 18th of December 2002, the Israeli government approved the budget after long weeks of discussion.

The Keren Kayemeth Leisrael KKL-JNF, which is a part of the Jewish National Fund is providing 172.4 million new Israeli Shekels (NIS) for the seizure of lands in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

The Ministry of Transportation will use NIS 253.5 million  from Israeli taxes to pave roads and to open a new tunnel under the mount Scopus in Jerusalem with a cost of NIS 35million  .

The Ministry of Defense will take the responsibility of opening new bypass roads with a cost of  NIS 228 million .

The Ministry of Commerce & Industry will provide  NIS 22.3 million  up to NIS 51.9 million  for this sector in the settlements of West Bank and Gaza Strip.

The Ministry of Housing is providing the settlements with NIS 350 million , while 31.3 million of them will be used for the enlargement of Maale Adumim Settlement in East Jerusalem. Also the ministry is paying NIS 20.6 million  for the protection of those colonists who are living in the neighborhoods of the old city in East Jerusalem. In addition, the ministry is giving NIS 76.8 thousand as loans for each person who wants to buy a new apartment where, 16.8 thousand shekels among these are granted.

The Ministry of Agriculture is participating with NIS 137.8 million  for settlements.

The Ministry of Religion is giving NIS 50 million which represents 30 % of its budget, for the building of Synagogues and religious institutions in these settlements.

The Ministry of Education is offering the free education for children by the age of 4 years until finishing high school, in addition to privileges provided for the teachers working in the settlements schools; such as scholarships at the university to upgrade their diplomas and levels of higher education, which will cost the ministry NIS 30 million  .

The Ministry of Infra Structure is providing NIS 9.7 million  for water projects. 

The Ministry of Interior is offering NIS 480 million  for the small settlements and localities, with the privilege of recuperating half million shekels of taxes each year.

The previously mentioned data is the official budget declared by the Israeli government, but the settlements are receiving financial aid also from other Jewish foundations or associations in addition to hidden parts in the budget that support the settlements indirectly.          



Prepared by:
The Applied Research Institute – Jerusalem

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