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Military Orders

How Palestinians Pay The Price Of Israel’s Internal Power Politics

  Under the pretext of securing the Jewish settlements inside the West Bank and Gaza Strip, Israel is continuing its violation of all signed agreements. The interim agreement, article1, item


The Jewish Municipality of occupied Jerusalem demolishes a housing unit in the old city and forces the owner to pay

   Background to the new violation Type of violation: demolition of a housing unit Type of construction: an addition to an old Palestinian house . The total area of the

New Israeli Settlements

Settlers’ Attempt To Immortalize Rechavam Ze’evy

  The ongoing expansion of Israeli settlements inside the Palestinian Territories has not stopped since Sharon came to power. The so-called settlement outposts are used by Sharon to re-assure his


Monitoring Israeli Colonization activities in the West Bank and Gaza (February 2000-February 2002)

    Contents   1.Introduction           2.Overview 2.1  The Geopolitical Background  2.2   Colonization Policy and Facts 2.3  Demographic Pattern of Israeli settlements 2.4 By-pass Roads 3.  Statistical Analysis of Israeli Violations