Statement on the demolition and closure of Palestinian structures in Jerusalem in the year 2002

Statement on the demolition and closure of Palestinian structures  in Jerusalem  in the year 2002


During the year 2002, the Israeli occupation authorities escalated their acts of forced eviction, seizure, demolition and closure of Palestinian structures in occupied Jerusalem More than 120 structures of different types have been demolished, the highest number since 1987.

Else where in the occupied territories, flagrant violations have been committed at the hands of the Israeli occupation forces against Palestinians and their basic rights to life, security, proper housing, free movement, expression ..etc.

This short statement gives figures on the Israeli violations in Jerusalem during the year 2002. It includes, apart from house demolition and ceiling, the demolition of farms, stores, cisterns, walls under various pretexts ranging from the erection of the Separation Wall, building without licenses, the construction of the eastern ring road, and the expansion of colonies, 

LRC Field workers have documented the following violations during the year 2002:

  • 123 houses and other premises were demolished, closed and seized;

  •  87 houses were evacuated and demolished;

  • 12 houses were closed and seized at the hands of Israeli settlers claiming ownership;

  • 12 houses were either dynamited or seized for security claims;

  • 2 houses were demolished despite an order by Israeli courts to postpone their demolition;

  • 10 cases of demolition of walls and foundations.

The total area of demolished structures is estimated by 9214 m². The number of direct victims of the above mentioned violations is estimated at 533 people, of whom 323 are children.

These figures do not include the cisterns, farms, bus station, and premises of Silwan village Club which were bulldozed and razed to the ground, raising the number of victims to 500 people.



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The Land Research Center

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