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Israeli Violations

The Israeli Army Ravages Beit Rima

  Beit Rima is a Palestinian village lying 15 kilometers north west of Ramallah. The Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics lists Beit Rima and the adjacent village of Deir Ghassana

Israeli Violations

The Palestinian town of Araba becomes under Israeli army attack

  Background to Araba town  The town of Araba is located at a hilly area 16 km to south of the city of Jenin and considers the center of surrounding


Jerusalem Jewish Municipality bulldozers demolish 8 housing units in the Palestinian Neighborhoods of Shu’fat and Beit Hanina

  The Jewish Municipality of occupied Jerusalem continues its racist policy against Palestinian existence in Jerusalem. In this regard, the Israeli occupation demolished  another 8 housing units in Shu'fat and

Israeli Violations

The Joke of the Israeli Withdrawal from Ramallah

In these days, it may be useful to recollect the joke about the rabbi and his advice to the bored poor man to bring a cow, a chicken etc.. to

Eviction of Palestinians

Israeli army and Jerusalem Jewish Municipality officials forcibly evacuate three Palestinian families and destroy their houses.

  Under the protection of hundreds of Israeli soldiers, bulldozers of Jerusalem Jewish Municipality destroyed 3 Palestinian houses in Wadi Qadum and Jabel Al- Mukaber quarters in the early hours


Tightening the Siege Around the Northern Districts

he unequivocal call to lift the closure and siege imposed on Palestinian towns and villages addressed by the U.S Secretary of State Colin Powell had no effects on the ground:


The Seventh Intermediary Report for the Monitoring Israeli Colonizing Activities Project

This report highlights the events concerning colonizing activities in the West Bank and Gaza that occurred between the months of August and October. The report describes and evaluates those events


An Inventory of Israel’s aggression on Palestinian land during the first Year of the Palestinian Intifada

The ongoing Palestinian Intifada, which erupted after the provocative visit of the present Israeli Prime Minister Sharon to Al Haram Al Sharif in Jerusalem, has entered its second year. During