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Israel Unilateral steps to close 80,000 Dunums of Palestinian land In the West Bank

 While the entire world is busy in its efforts to combat terrorism, the Israeli government is exploiting the situation by further increasing its unilateral steps and creating facts on the

Israeli Violations

Harassment of ARIJ Staff … The case of Nasser Shoukeh

    Mr. Nasser Shoukeh joined the staff of the institute as a driver and in charge of maintenance since 10 June 2000. After a 3 months probationary period, he

Settlers Attacks

In a new fascist violation: Israeli settlers poison and slaughter Palestinian sheep

    Governorate: Nablus Village: Aqraba Type of violation: toxication of of sheep Perpetrator: Israeli settlers living in the settlement of Itimar which was built on land confiscated from the


Learning Under Shelling … The Start of the School Year in Beit Jala & ‘Ayda Refugee Camp

    The first day of September was the first day of the new school year in Beit Jala, a city near by Bethlehem. The streets are quiet at present.