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An Assessment of the Israeli Practices on the Palestinian Agricultural Sector

    Restrictive measures by the Israeli occupation authority against the Palestinian economy and especially during the period 29/9/2000 – 30/6/2001 created numerous obstacles, which have further complicated and aggravated an


Israel destroys 23 houses in Jerusalem on one day

  Location: Shu'fat refugee camp, Jerusalem. Background to the camp: Established in 1966 over an area of 203 dunums from Shu'fat land. 3200 people lived in the camp once it


House demolition in Rafah- Gaza

  On Monday, 9/7/2001, the Israeli occupation forces entered Block 5 which is located near Salah Eddin gate on the Egyptian- Palestinian borders and demolished 19 houses without previous warning


Sharon’s Demolition Campaign in Shu’fat camp

  Since Ariel Sharon's return from his trip to Washington in early July, Israeli authorities have mounted an intense campaign of house demolitions near Hebron in the West Bank and


The Israeli demolition of Palestinian houses in Jerusalem is an escalating settler and apartheid policy

    33 years after the occupation of Jerusalem, the Israelis continue their demolition and closure campaigns against Palestinian homes. This policy comes in the context of ethnic cleansing being

Settlers Attacks

Colonialist Activities … Burning of crops and trees

    Governorate: Nablus. Village: Al- Sawyyeh. Name of settlement: Eli   Background to the settlement: Established in the 1984 on land seized from the villages of Al- Sawyyeh, Luban


Wadi Qadum/ Jerusalem … Israeli bulldozers demolish a house inhabited by two brotehrs families

    Name of victim: Samieh  and Faraj Mohammed Sh'aban Hirbawi. Location: Wadi Qadum/ Jerusalem. Area in m2: 270  Date of demolition: 11.6.2001 Number of family members: 15, including 11

Israeli Violations

Residents of Husan Face the Increased Militarization of their village

    Just three kilometers west of Bethlehem, near the 1949 Armistice line (green line), lies the Palestinian village of Husan; see map.  The people of Husan live with the