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Jericho and The valleys … The Israeli occupation imposes separation and military closure on Jericho and the valley

    The area of Jericho and the northern valleys are considered the main food basket for the Palestinian population in the West Bank. Therefore, the Israeli closure on this


Israeli Military Force Invade Area”A” in Bethlehem

    In the Oslo Accords the West Bank and Gaza Strip were divided between Palestinian National Authority (PNA) and Israeli control. The West Bank was divided into Areas A,

Settlement Expansion

Israeli Settlements Encroachment in the Bethlehem District

Introduction Bethlehem is historically an area of religious importance to the three monotheistic religions, especially to the Christian faith. It was known as Beit Ello in the fourteenth century B.C.,

Israeli Violations

Israeli Aggression Impinges On Animals Too

  It is already well known that Israeli occupational forces consistently violate human rights in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. But apparently they have little respect for animal

Bypass Roads

Bypass Roads-The Israeli Approach Towards a New Apartheid Against Palestinians?

    Building Jewish settlements is usually compounded by the construction of a series of bypass roads. These are built for the use of Israeli colonists to link settlements to each


The Fifth Intermediary Report for the Monitoring Israeli Colonizing Activities Project

    This report highlights the events concerning colonizing activities in the West Bank and Gaza that occurred between the months of February and April. The report describes and evaluates


An Overview of the Geopolitical Situation in the Palestinian Areas

  Introduction The Palestinian issue is central to the decades-old Arab – Israeli conflict. The Madrid conference offered a historic opportunity for arriving at a just and lasting peace in