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The Destruction of the Road between Ramallah and Birzeit

  During the night of March 7, the eve of Ariel Sharon's swearing in at the Knesset, the Israeli Military Forces destroyed the main and only remaining road between Ramallah


The Tightening of the Siege on Jericho: Israel Employs a New Policy of Trench Digging

    The city of Jericho lies in the Jordan Valley, 10 km northwest of the Dead Sea and 7 km to the west of the Jordan River; see map.

Settlement Expansion

Renewal of Colonial Activity in Ya’abad – Jenin … The First Colonial Site Since the Inauguration of Ariel Sharon

  Ariel Sharon's pledge no to renew andor encourage colonial activity on the Palestinian occupied lands was just a media fa'ade under which he hid his true colonial intentions. As

Settlers Attacks

The Difficulties for Umm Safa Village during the Intifada

Umm Safa is a Palestinian village located 9 km northwest of Ramllah city, between Birzeit and Bani Zied; see photo. The village is also known as Kafr Ishwa'. There are


Decline in the Standard of Living in the Gaza Strip: Selected Socio-economic Indicators

    The Gaza Strip is a narrow piece of land located on the Mediterranean Sea to the southwest of Israel on the border with Egypt; see map. The Strip


Mines and Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) in the West Bank

    Minefields in the West Bank In 1998, the US State department estimated that there were around 260,000 landmines in Israel and the occupied territories, these include landmines laid

Israeli Violations

Al Mawasi Region in Gaza … The Reality of the Israeli War Against Land and Humans

  Prelude: The name ''Al Mawasi'' refers to the agriculturally fertile strip of land laying parallel to the Mediterranean Sea in Gaza. The 16-kilometer-long strip starts in the city of


Isolation Policy Implemented By Israeli Army in the Occupied Territories … The Case of Ramallah and Al Bireh Districts

  The Land Research Center (LRC) has been exposing the attempts carried out by the forces of Israeli occupation to mince the Palestinian territories into a number of isolated and


The Fourth Intermediary Report for the Monitoring Israeli Colonizing Activities

    This report highlights the events concerning colonizing activities in the West Bank and Gaza that occurred between the months of November and January. The report describes and evaluates


The So-called “Lifting of the Siege”

    On 12th March 2001, less than a week into the new government, Prime Minister Sharon seemed to be feeling the weight of public pressure following the international attention

Settlement Expansion

Settlement Expansion in Al Shufa Village, Tulkarem

    The village of Al Shufa is located 5 kilometers to the south of the city of Tulkarem. Its population is about 2500 Palestinians mostly working in agriculture. The