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Losses in the Agricultural Sector in Qalqiliya District

  The district of Qalqiliya lies in the northwest part of the West Bank, bordered in the west by the 1948 Armistice Line with Israel; see map1 . Most of the

Settlement Expansion

Betar Illit settlement Expansion and The Fate of Wadi Fukin Village

  In the far western part of Bethlehem district there are three Palestinian villages, Husan, Wadi Fukin and Nahhalin. In between these three villages two ''Betar Settlements'' have been built,


The FIRST Comprehensive Report

    Introduction The data that appears in the monthly, quarterly and comprehensive reports is collected from Palestinian and Israeli newspapers, satellite images, aerial photos, fieldworkers' reports, ARIJ and LRC


The Struggles of a Palestinian Community due to the West Bank Closure

  'Atara is a Palestinian village in Ramallah District located only three kilometers south of Birzeit which is north of Ramallah; see map. The village stands on the second highest

Settlement Expansion

The Changing Landscape of Hebron District

    Driving from Hebron towards the West Bank's southern border, one notices many changes being made by the Israeli army and Jewish settlers alike. The bulldozing of land, which


The Agriculture Sector in Gaza Strip Faces the Fiercest Israeli Attacks During the Intifada

  Introduction: Since the inception of Intifadat Al Aqsa on the 29th of September 2000, the agriculture sector in the Gaza Strip has suffered a great number of attacks and