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Settlement Expansion

Attempt At Annexing The Modi’in settlement Block

Situated at 15 kilometers west of Ramallah city, the ''Modi'in Block'' is a group of Jewish settlements on the western edge of the West Bank. In fact, they lie on and

Settlement Expansion

An Overview of the Expansions in the Etzion settlement Block

Israeli settlements in the West Bank and Gaza strip are a major obstacle to the resolution of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Yet all Israeli governments have contributed to the building and expansion


A Report on the Damages Which Resulted from the Vicious Military Israeli Bombardment for the Cities, Villages, Camps of Bethlehem District Till the 7th of November 2000

Since the 28th of September 2000, Israel has launched its systematic destructive military practices against the unarmed Palestinian population in different areas of Palestine. In order to estimate the property