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Settlement Expansion

Belt of Israeli settlements Bounded the Southern Vicinity of the West Bank

In a feverish attempt to create more facts on the ground, Jewish settlers in Hebron District launched a new West Bank hilltop grab. El Thahiriya, a Palestinian town of about 20,000


Israeli Aggression Against Palestinian Agriculture

Prelude: The intensity of the war waged by Israeli forces is growing and taking different aspects and forms. Not only there have been numerous martyrdom cases and thousands of injuries,


Blockading Jerusalem and Ramallah

The districts of Jerusalem and Ramallah lie in the center of the West Bank. These two districts house about one third of the West Bank's population and play a central

Settlement Expansion

Talmon and Dolev Colonies Expand To Form A Barricade Block

A couple of kilometers Northwest of Ramallah lay the Palestinian villages of Al Janiya (828 inhabitants), El Mazra'a El Qibliya (3003 inhabitants), and Ein Qiniya (571 inhabitants). These communities depend

Israeli Violations

Israeli Army Holds Olive Farmers as Hostages

  Introduction: 'When can we go back to Al Mantara, dad? I forgot my kite there.' That was how innocent young Ahmad asked his dad not knowing what was going

Settlement Expansion

Israeli Colonization Continues Unhindered

    The several members of the Israeli government have in recent weeks claimed that it will refrain from establishing new Jewish settlements (settlements) or expropriating  more land for their expansion. 


Recent Israeli Plan for Cantonizing the Palestinian Territories

    Following the events of the past weeks, a total blockade and internal siege has been re-imposed on the West Bank. The siege means that residents from Area A

Israeli Violations

The Forgotten Hebron

    According to the 1995 Taba Agreement, Palestinians Hebron City is divided into areas H-1 and H-2, due to the presence of Israeli colonists within the city boundary; see


Base Data Report for the “Monitoring of Israeli Colonizing Activities” Project

    This report highlights the basic datum and figures for the base year of the project. It was compiled from the analysis of satellite images 1999, aerial photos, up-to-date