Increasing Attacks in Jerusalem in October 2011

Increasing Attacks in Jerusalem in October 2011


October, 2011, has witnessed radical escalations and a brutal assault against Palestinians and their properties all around the West Bank especially the Occupied City of Jerusalem.It is believed that such attack took place in retaliation for the Palestinian statehood bid and accepting its full membership in the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

LRC recorded 80 aggressions against Palestinian individuals and property; 21 violation of the right to residency including 8 demolition cases. These included demolition three primitive residences inhabited by 20 people (including 14 children) in Jaba', a residence inhabited by 14 people (including 10 children) in Anata.

In Wadi al Joz Neighborhood, the 'Balbises' were forced to demolish their own residence after threats imposed by the Israeli Municipality in the Occupied City. In addition, 3 dwellings, inhabited by around 40 people, were demolished in Al Khan al Ahmar.

Coherently, 5 residences received demolition threats in Silwan and WAdi Yasoul; the Israelis are scheming to construct a 'biblical park' on the ruins of these houses and hundreds other.

8 house raids with a purpose of arrests, penalizing, or inspection were recorded in October, 2011. In each of the cases, the search was extremely detailed and paid no respect whatsoever to the residents or their property. It is known that such raids, usually taking place at nights, spread fear and terror among the residents, especially children who are fragile and more vulnerable.

Plowing and Demolitions:

The Israeli Authorities and radical colonists carried out 11 cases of structures demolitions and land bulldozing. 4 barns were demolished in Jaba', a chicken farm and a 500-m2-plot in Anata, 3 barns in Al Khan al Ahmar, and a carwash in Hizma.

Colonization and Confiscation: 

The Israeli Occupation Authorities have approved the final scheme for plan (M.K 14295) proposing the construction of 2600 colonial units in the Palestinian towns of Beit Safafa and Beit Jala.The Israeli Municipality in the Occupied City threatened to demolish the bridge leading to 'Dung Gate' in the Old City; the Municipality claims that the bridge is about to collapse while the Palestinians believe that it is an attempt to alter the City's shape.It must be noted that before constructing the bridge there was nothing but a hill which gradually collapsed due to the Israeli excavations in the Old City.

Siege and Blockades:

Despite the permanent existence of a number of checkpoints in and around the Occupied City and the segregation wall which are suffocating the City, the Israeli Government imposed 30 town closures all around the Occupied City in October, 2011.

Raids and Closures:

The Israeli war against Palestinian Civil Society Organizations in the Occupied City continues unabated. The Israeli Occupation Authorities ordered the closure of the Jerusalem Institute for Development and the Shuaa Woman Society.

Attacks against Individuals:

The Israeli Occupation forces arrested two children while on their way to school and a young man which was put under house arrest; all are residents of Silwan.An Israeli EPA officer ordered the arrest of a Palestinian who was having a walk in Wad Hilwa playground in Silwan.

In addition, Israeli soldiers recklessly opened fire towards Palestinian houses in Anata. One bullet hit the 4-year-old Aseel Ara'ra while playing in her house yard.Other Aggressions: the Israeli Municipality imposed more than 50 fines on a Palestinian for placing pictures of the Turkish Prime Minister, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. In addition, the Israeli Occupation Authorities confiscated 3 tractors in Hizma.



Prepared by:
The Land Research Center

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