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New Israeli Settlements

The Har Homa Settlement and the Uprooting of Abu Ghnaim Forest

  Table of Contents Abu Ghnaim in Details Chronology of Events Why Har Homa is an Obstacle to Peace? The Myth in Realities in Developing Housing for Palestinians in East

New Israeli Settlements

A New Israeli Colony in the Southern Vicinity of Bethlehem
Givat Hazayit (Um Tale’ Hill)

    On 12 March 1997, the Israeli bulldozers resumed their work to open a road to reach the hill of Um Tale', south of Bethlehem city, defying a court


Wadi Al-Teen Quarry and the Systematic Expropriation of Palestinian Natural Resources

    Wadi Al-Teen is a large valley located 5 kilometers southeast of Tulkarm city and 4.5 kilometers to the east of the Green Line which separates the West Bank