Destroying and confiscating an irrigation network Provide water for 45 dunums in Aj-Jiftlik village / Jericho governorate

Destroying and confiscating an irrigation network Provide water for 45 dunums in Aj-Jiftlik village / Jericho governorate


  • Violation: Destroying and confiscating an irrigation network.
  • Location: Aj-Jiftlik village north Ramallah city.
  • Date: June 1st 2020.
  • Perpetrators: The Israeli Occupation Forces.
  • Victims: Farmers Muneer Nasasra and Mohammed Daraghma.


Monday morning, June 1st 2020, the Israeli Occupation forces accompanied by a truck raided “Khallet Allan” and “Al- Shona” areas south Aj-Jiftlik village, and carried on cutting and sabotaging an irrigation network, that provides water for 25 dunums belong to farmer Muneer Nasasra , and 20 dunums planted with palm and belong to citizen Mohammed Daraghma.

The Occupation used sharp tools for cutting and destroying irrigation network before confiscating it. Noteworthy, owners did not receive and proceeding notices for this network.

Less than two weeks ago ,  Wednesday  May 20th , the occupation confiscated about 50 irrigation pipes (together are 600 m long ) , for more information read our report (Arabic, English).

The following table shows more information about the confiscation:


Number of family members


Confiscated pipes in meters

Nature of the damage

Area of the affected lands in dunums

Muneer Nasasra






Confiscating a transformer for water pumping.

Confiscating plastic water pipes (3 inches wide)

25 dunums of vine yards


Confiscating an irrigation network (quarter an inch) , in addition to other pieces of the network.

Mohammed Daraghma




Sabotaging plastic water pipes (3 inches wide)

20 dunums of palm groves


Destroying and confiscating irrigation networks (quarter an inch * 3900 m)







Muneer Nasasra told LRC Reporter:

“Agriculture is my only source of income for my family which consists of 8 members, and I own 25 dunums of vine yards since more than five years, today the Occupation destroys irrigation networks and confiscates them, the occupation also destroyed my farm , and provides Jobs for about 35 people.”

Mohammed Gharouf from the Legal Department in Jericho governorate:

“The Occupation is imposing heavy restrictions on people of the Jordan Valley, through prohibiting them from benefiting of their lands and water. Many people of the Jordan Valley were forcedly displaced, and others voluntary immigrated as a result of water shortage and closure of agricultural lands.”

 Jiftlik Village :

Al-Jiftlik village is located 35 km north of Jericho, and its population is 3100 people according to the 2017 census. Its total area is 185031 dunums, of which 1110 dunums are built up area. The occupation confiscated an area of 12040 dunums from its lands, for the following purposes:

  • 3207 dunums were confiscated for building Israeli settlements in the area, including the settlement of Maswa.
  • 3328 dunums were confiscated for the purpose of building settlement roads bearing the numbers 90, 505 and 508.
  • 5505 dunums for the purpose of building military camps for the Israeli army.

Source: Geographical Information Unit at the Land Research Center.



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