Halmish colonists sabotage 20 olive saplings in Deir Nitham

Halmish colonists sabotage 20 olive saplings in Deir Nitham


Violation:  destroying 20 olive and fig seedlings

Date: 23/03/2015

Location:  Deir Nitham- Ramallah

Perpetrators: Halmish colonists

Victims:  farmer Fawzi al-Tamimi


It did not last more than one week before farmer Fawzi al-Tamimi had his seedlings sabotaged. Colonists on April 23, 2015, sneaked into al-Tamimi's land that is 200m away from Halmish colony and cut down 14 olive seedlings and 6 fig saplings. Noteworthy, the saplings were entirely sabotaged in order not to be replanted again.

It should be marked that Halmish colony is expanding  rapidly on the fertile lands of Deir Nitham;  al-Tamami's land alongside with others' are considered a colonial interest for expansion.

It is reported that farmer al-Tamimi ran a reclamation on 10 dunums of his land and planted it with 100 olive saplings and 25 fig seedlings for the sake of protecting it from occupational and colonial plans, which intend to take over the whole area.


Photos 1-3: the targeted lands in Deir Nitham

Frequent attacks:

The area of Deir Nitham witnesses every now and then series of violations and attacks carried out by colonist; more specifically in the area known as Wad Abu Rayya. Over the past two years, the area was intensely attacked; many seedlings got sabotaged as a result.

About Halmish:

The colony was founded on lands from the villages of al-Nabi Saleh and Deir Nitham, east Ramallah governorate. Halmish's total land area is 340 dunums and is inhabited by 1300 colonists(2008).

The colony accommodates a elementary school, a library, a dental clinic, a clinic, a swimming pool, a school of religion, and a hall;  trainings for preparing Jewish youth before getting into the military are usually conducted in the colony. (source: Palestine's Martyr association)


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