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Settlement Expansion

Israel Continues to Build Illegal Settlements in Occupied Jerusalem

After capturing East Jerusalem in the 1967 war, Israel unilaterally expanded the Jerusalem Municipal Boundaries to include Palestinian East Jerusalem and areas of the West Bank. The Jerusalem municipal area

Bypass Roads

Israeli Proposed Road System in the West Bank.. A Road Web from Hell..

Israel has set a new world record on the number of breaches committed by a single State of International Law & the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949. The State of

Israeli Plans

The Judaization of Hebron’s Old City Continues Unabated

    Taking over Palestinian houses in Hebron Old City by the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) is no longer connected to a military operation or a military activity carried out

Israeli Plans

Israel continues to Cram Jewish settlers into Jerusalem

Section 1: History and Population The Old City, situated in the heart of East Jerusalem, is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. The Old City of


What Does Sharon want of Gaza?

In cooperation with PCHRGAZA   The Israeli Army offensive operation in Gaza triggered allegedly, when Qassam rockets lunched onto Sedarot town inside Israel and ended up killing two Israeli children;

Israeli Violations

Crimes against Humanity in Gaza Strip

In cooperation with PCHRGAZA   Ethnic Cleansing is the term that describes Israel's practices in Gaza northern districts. The policy of demolition of civilian houses in the northern districts of

Separation Plans

Israel Isolates the Northeastern Sector of the West Bank

The Israeli Army closed-off the northeastern zone of the West Bank for no apparent reason and declared it as ''Military Zone'' where no one can enter or leave the area


The Segregation Separation Wall hits the lands of Surif and Khibet Ad Deir- Hebron district

    Location and population The village of Surif is located 16 km to the north west of Hebron city and about 6 km from the green line. It has


As Sikka village falls under Wall plan

  Location and population The village of As Sikka is located about 20 km to the south west of Hebron city on the green line. Its land which is now

Israeli Violations

Olive picking season has become a nightmare for Faqu’a citizens … Jenin Governorate

    Location and population: The village of Faqu'a is located in the north eastern corner of the West Bank and about 11 km east of Jenin city. Its lands


The Segregation wall in Beit ‘Awwa town- Hebron governorate

        Beit 'Awwa is located near the green line to the south west of Hebron city in the West Bank. Its lands extend as far as the