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The fever of house demolition in Jerusalem

  The Israeli occupation authorities represented by the Israeli municipality of occupied Jerusalem demolished three houses in Jerusalem district during the last month of July, 2003. These latest demolitions raise


The commencement of circulating the orthodox Housing Project in Beit Sahour

  On August 25, 2003 the Israeli bulldozers commenced the construction of the secondary military road that enclaves the Orthodox Housing project in Beit Sahour. Despite the local and international


The Israeli Checkpoints in the Northern Districts of the West Bank !!!

  For the past two and a half years, the Israeli Occupation Forces erected more than 169 checkpoints and roadblocks all through the main and secondary roads of the West


Villagers of Nahalin witness the destruction of their environment !!!

  The agriculture sector in the West Bank has suffered a large number of attacks and reprisals whether by the Israeli Army or by the Jewish settlers. These attacks took


House demolition and land seizure in Al Walaja Village in Bethlehem district

  On Wednesday morning, August 13, 2003, while the cool breeze of the mountains is still embracing the Palestinian village of Al-walaja East of Bethlehem district, a large number of

Israeli Plans

The series of Israeli annexation and threatening are now targeting AL-Midya village in Ramallah district

    Al-Midya is a small Palestinian village located about 20 Kilometers to the northwestern part of Ramallah city and embraces a built-up area of 217.78 dunams. Al-Midya with a


Baqa Al Sharqia: A Palestinian village isolated by the Segregation Wall

  Location: the Palestinian village of Baqa Al Sharqia is located at the northwestern part of the West Bank in Tulkarem governorate. (See Map1)      The map shows the Sewgregation


The effects of the Segregation Wall on the Palestinian village of Qaffin

  Governorate: Tulkarem Village: Qaffin. Location: it is located 20 km to north of the city of Tulkarem near the green line.( See Map) The map shows the boundaries of

Settlement Expansion

New settlement outposts are still erected.

  The question of dismantling the outposts erected at the top hills of the West Bank gained a lot of interest and media coverage whereas the efficiency of this dismantling