The Geopolitical Status of Sur Bahir & Umm Tuba Town

<strong>The Geopolitical Status of Sur Bahir & Umm Tuba Town</strong>


Location & Population

Sur Bahir & Umm Tuba is a Palestinian town in Jerusalem Governorate, located 5 km to the south of the city of Jerusalem. It is bordered by As Sawahira al Gharbiya and Ash Sheikh Sa’d from the east, the no-mans Lands and Western Jerusalem from the west, the settlements of East Telpiot and Nof Zion and the community of Jabal Al Mukkabir from the north, and the communities of Al Khas, An Nu’man and (in Bethlehem Governorate) and the settlement of Har Homa from the south (ARIJ, 2022), (Map 1).  The town of Sur Bahir & Umm Tuba is home to 24,620 in 2022 (The Jerusalem Institute for Policy Research, 2022)[1].

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[1] Jerusalem Statistical Yearbook

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