Ravaging Over 200 Trees in Al Jab’a

Ravaging Over 200 Trees in Al Jab’a


Violation: cutting 200 trees (prunes and olives).

Location: Al Daher and Al Yanbou’ areas in Al Jab’a village – Bethlehem.

Date: December 15, 2012.

Perpetrators: the Israeli Occupation Army.

Victims: the heirs of Ibrahim Hamdan and the heirs of Ismael abu Loha.




At around 8:00 on December 15, 2012, Israeli troops raided a 12-dunum-field in Al Daher area and leveled lands in addition to uprooting and cutting down trees in the fields; around 160 trees were ravaged. The trees were loaded into trucks and taken to an unknown destination. The locals rushed to defend their lands knowing that such attack has never occurred before. The Israeli dozers knocked some retaining walls as well.




picture 1-3: traces of the attack


Soon afterwards, the dozers headed to an 8-dunum-field located in Al Yanbou’ area in the village where they cut down 40 trees. When cutting was over, the soldiers painted the stems with a toxic that prevent the revival of the trees.




picture 4-6: destruction in Al Yanbou’


Al Jab’a:


It is located 16 km to the north of Hebron. Its total area is 7345 dunums inhabited by a number of Palestinian families. The village edge the armistice line drawn in 1948. The village has been targeted recently with a number of attacks including the blockage of the southern entrance leading to Surif town.




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