Capturing 22 Dunums in Deir Istiya – Salfit Governorate

Capturing 22 Dunums in Deir Istiya – Salfit Governorate
Violation: extension of land seizure.
Location: Parcel 4, Deir Istiya.
Perpetrators: the Israeli Occupation Army.
Victims:  a number of the village farmers.
Date: February 7, 2012.
The Israeli Occupation Army issued an order, signed by the so-called Commander of the West Bank area, Avi Mizrahi, the order included modifying ‘borders’ and the extension of seizure of a total area of 21.76 dunums on the pretext of ‘security’. The order targeted parcel 4 of Deir Istiya lands.
The Israeli justify the decicion by claiming that it has to be done for security reasons; nevertheless, Deir Istiya Council believes that the confiscation took place in order to open a 3500-long and 6-meter-wide road which will connect Emmanuel colony with the bypass penetrating Wadi Qana.
Photocopy of the military order
It must be noted that this order is an extension of a previous order that was issued in 2006 concerning the same lands.
 The road, which is being opened, has been having drastic effects on farmers and agriculture which became completely prohibited in the area. Also, it will facilitate further expansions in Emmanuel.
Picture 1-2: bypass penetrating Wadi Qana
Emmanuel was established in 1983 over 22 dunums of Deir Istiya lands. It has expanded rapidly reaching up to 1240 dunums in area and inhabited by around 3200 colonists. Wadi Qana is surrounded by 7 Israeli colonies which devour lands and cause drastic damage to the environment. These colonies are Emmanuel (east), Yakir (east), Nufim (west), Karne Shamron, Ginat Shamron, Maale Shamron (north), and Revava (south) in addition to Nov Uranim which stands in the middle of the valley.
The colonies dump their waste (solid and nonsolid) in the valley which severely damaged the environment and forced many Palestinian residents to evacuate.
Picture 3: Wadi Qana Valley
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