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” It Is State Terrorism, War Crime & Collective Punishment No Matter What Anyone Says “

 What is happens in the Gaza Strip is nothing short  of war crimes and collective punishment,  and state terrorism, which is what Israel is bringing to the 1.5 million Palestinians.

Israeli Violations

عمارة الرجبي في الخليل … وحرب الاستيطان الإسرائيلي

            بعد سنتين من العذاب نجحت لجنة إعمار الخليل باستصدار قرار من المحكمة العليا الإسرائيلية لإخلاء المستعمرين من بناية الرجبي في مدينة الخليل التي استولوا

Settlement Expansion

Al Rajabi Building in Hebron – The Israeli Colonial War

    After two years of agony, the Hebron Rehabilitation Committee (HRC) succeeded in getting a court order from the Israeli High Court of Justice calling for the removal of


For the Sixth Time on row, the Israeli Army Bulldozers Demolished Khirbet Tana Northeast of Nablus

Demolition for the Sixth Time in Kherbit Tana The suffering of Khirbet Tana (Tana Hamlet) residents east of Beit Furik village started back in May 2004, when the Israeli Occupation

Military Orders

“The Israeli De-Palastinization of Jerusalem”
The Israel Municipality of Jerusalem issues Administrative Demolition Orders for 40 Palestinian houses in the Eastern Part of Jerusalem City

When Israel occupied the Eastern part of Jerusalem during the 1967 war, steps were taken to restrict and confine the Palestinian existence there, which aims to tightening on the Palestinian