Barbed wires to Encircle Husan Village

Barbed wires to Encircle Husan Village


On the dawn of Thursdays April 15, 2004, residents of Husan village were awakening by the thunderous blast of the Israeli Army bulldozers at the eastern side of the village. The Israeli bulldozers started to level the ground and clear a path for the anticipated Segregation Wall/ Military Fence according to the military order # T/31/04 issued on this part of the Wall on March 27, 2004. 

At this time, the Israeli Army, is laying down the barbed wires circles (5 feet height & 3 feet width) as phase one along the designated trail of the Segregation Wall/ military fence. See Photo 1 & Photo 2



Photo 3 & Photo 4



Husan village council has managed to obtain a court injunction to halt all works on the Segregation Wall in anticipation of an Israeli court decision on the issue on April 25 2004. Naturally, the injunction order issued by an the Israeli court had no weighing to the Israeli Army plans, which commenced its work anyway. It is expected that the Israeli Army will start the actual building of the segregation wall/ military fence during the next few months in Husan village and on its neighboring villages Battir and Nahalin. For more details, refer to our previous article about Husan village

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The Applied Research Institute – Jerusalem



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