The Israeli Occupation establishes a watchtower in Dhaher Soboh area

The Israeli Occupation establishes a watchtower in Dhaher Soboh area


Violation:  establishing a military watchtower

Location:  Dhaher Soboh- Salfit governorate

Date:  November 01, 2015

Perpetrators: The Israeli occupation forces

Victims:  farmers from the neighboring villages


The area of Dhaher Soboh has been lately witnessing an activity by Israeli forces and fanatic colonists as well. Since the beginning of November, the occupation established a watchtower to impose control on the area and to ban farmers from accessing their lands on the claim that the area is classified as “State Lands”.

Colonists, on the other side, have been planting the claimed land with trees and moving earth from the historic area of Deir Sam’an to rehabilitate more lands to become more suitable for cultivation. Noteworthy, the occupation confiscated the area of Deir Sam’an for the favor of the neighboring colony of Eli Zahav.

It should be marked that there is no fix statistic on the total area of land planted by colonists in there for the area is a “closed military zone”, where any entry attempt is met with live bullets.

An old yet recent plan:

The plan implemented in the area of Dhaher Soboh dates back to the eighties of the last century; it is when the occupation seized 1000 dunums from the area on the claim of “State Lands”.

Farmers objected to the seizure in Israel Supreme Court, which decided in 1990 to keep the seizure on 452 dunums and give the rest of the confiscated lands back to their owners.

It should be marked that fanatic colonists, in coordination with the Council of Settlements in the West Bank, in 2014 ravaged a vast area from Dhaher Soboh. This caused many trees to die, especially aging olive trees.



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 The Land Research Center

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