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The Gas paddle is down to complete Jerusalem Envelope

In an arrogant and defiant, yet not so uncharacteristic step, the Israeli government approved recommencement of construction for the Segregation Wall in Jerusalem, overriding an Israeli court injunction to halt


Closing second Wall gate in two months

On June 23, 2004, and without previous notice, the Israeli Occupation forces closed Wall Gate number 34 located to the west Kafr Thulth village in Qalqiliya governorate. The targeted gate

Separation Plans

The Plot of the Eastern Segregation Wall

In light of the predicament negotiation status between the Palestinians and the Israeli, the latter is looking to snatch opportunities to fasten its grip on Palestinian lands, mainly in the

Military Orders

A Restraining order in Dahiet Al Barid neighborhood

On June 22, 2005, the Israeli High Court of Justice issued a temporary restraining order to stop constructions of the Segregation Wall planned in the southern part of Ar Ram

Military Orders

Silwan house demolition notifications
“Another War Crime in Jerusalem”

The Palestinian residents of Silwan in Jerusalem city especially in Al Bustan Neighborhood live a life of worry and irritation due to the decision of the Municipality of Occupied Jerusalem

Separation Plans

Imneizil: An already besieged village in Hebron, hit by the Wall !!!

Location and population Imneizil village is located 10 km to the southeast of Yatta town in Hebron Governorate. It is strangled between two Israeli settlements inhabited by right-wing Jewish extremists: the settlements of


Jerusalem: the strangulation of the Arab Palestinian city

Jerusalem is the heart of the Palestinian state and is the focal point for the three monotheistic religions. Since 57 years Jerusalem has been suffering from the Israeli occupation which

Israeli Violations

إسرائيل تؤكد أن خطة الانسحاب من غزة و شمال الضفة هي أولاً وأخيراً

    في ظل تفاقم الأزمة التفاوضية بين الفلسطينيين و الإسرائيليين, تسعى حكومة الاحتلال الإسرائيلي إلى اقتناص الفرصة لإحكام سيطرتها على منطقة الغور الفلسطينية و ذلك بإعادة إحياء مشاريع تطويرية

Separation Plans

In breach of the International law, the Segregation Wall continues to grab more Palestinian lands !!! “The Case of Ni’lin Village. “

The Village of Ni'lin is located 35 kilometers to the northwest of Ramallah city, approximately 2 kilometers from the Armistice line (Green line). The village is among the northwestern Ramallah

Separation Plans

Works in the Segregation Wall resumed in Marda village – Salfit Governorate

On June 1st, 2005, the Israeli bulldozers resumed constructions of the Segregation Wall in Marda village (located north of Salfit city). The resumption of work came after a halt that

Separation Plans

‘Aboud, the city of flowers, threatened by the Israeli Segregation Wall

Location; 39;Aboud, the city of flowers, is located 30 kilometers northwest of  Ramallah city and reaches up to approximately 450 meters above the sea level. 39;Aboud village's lands are mostly

Separation Plans

The Segregation wall threatening the lands of Bal’in and Saffa villages- Ramallah Governorate

Bal'in and Saffa   Bal'in village is located kilometers north western of Ramallah city. According to PCBS 2004, the village houses a population of 1800 inhabitants and occupies a built- up

Israeli Violations

Tree uprooting and colonial expansion in Jinsafut village !!!

Location, population and surface area: Jinsafut village is located 13 km to the east of Qalqiliya city within the borders of Qalqiliya governorate. The latest census conducted by the Palestinian


المعابر و البطاقات الذكية جزء من خطة جدار الفصل العنصري و ليست فكرة وليدة تهدف لتحسين أوضاع الفلسطينيين

    حواجز أو معابر أسماء مترادفة لأهداف إسرائيلية تقضي بإحكام السيطرة بشكل أكبر على تحرك الشعب الفلسطيني في الضفة الغربية و غزة, و هي مفصل رئيسي في خطة جدار

Military Orders

The Segregation Wall plan in Jerusalem district

A new land confiscation order was issued by the commander of the Israeli army in the West Bank, General Moshe Kepliniski, calling for the seizure of 25.4 dunums of Palestinian

Military Orders

Settlement expansion and loss of Wadi Fukin’s land

Background:- Wadi Fukin village is located in one of the most greenly parts of Bethlehem Governorate and lies 8 km to its west.  The village is also approximate by 0.5 km

Military Orders

The Segregation Wall seized more lands of Beit Surik Village !!!

On April 6, 2005, the Israeli Occupation Forces handed out the village of Beit Surik new military order, numbered (05/81/T Judea & Samaria 2005), stating the confiscation of an additional

Separation Plans

Construction works in The Segregation Wall resumed
“The case of As Sawiya village Salfit governorate”

After a 7 month stop, Israeli bulldozers resumed work in the construction of the Segregation Wall to the west and south west of the village of As Sawiya in Salfit


Total ghettoiztion of four Palestinain villages in Qalqiliya governorate

Four Palestinian villages located south of Qalqiliya governorate have been totally ghettoized by the Israeli Segregation Wall.  These villages are:    Village name Population Ad Dab'a 250 Ras at Tira

Military Orders

Enlargement of Enav colony under security claims

The Israeli military issued a new land confiscation order against the lands of the Palestinian villages of Beit Lid, Kafr al Labad and Ramin in Tulkarem governorate. The order which

Military Orders

The confiscation of Kafr Alabad and Shufa lands for the enlargement of Avnei Hefetz Settlement

On April 8th, 2005, The Israeli army distributed a new military order numbered T/77/05 stipulating the confiscation of 418 dunums of Palestinian owned agricultural lands in the villages of Kafr

Military Orders

Trapped Within the Claws of Occupation
Bethlehem Western Rural Villagers Striped of their Lands

The Israeli Defense Army has just released a new military order # 86/05/T under which five Palestinian villages (Walajeh, Battir, Husan, Nahalin, Wad-Fukin and Al Jab'a) will fall into the

Settlers Attacks

Israeli settlers inaugurate a multi-storey residential building in Tel Rumaida.

On May 7, 2004, thousands of Israeli settlers rallied in the streets of occupied Hebron old city in a provocative show to inaugurate a multi storey residential building. The residential

Settlement Expansion

Illegal Israeli Settlements Expanded Dramatically between 2002 and 2004

Synopsis about the Israeli colonization project in the West Bank Colonization has long been a key objective of the Zionist project in the Middle East.  The colonization of historical Palestine

Israeli Plans

E1 Plan: A Step toward a Dead End

The {E1} Plan: Background The E1 plan; originally conceived by no other than the Israeli labor party late leader Yitzhak Rabin back in 1995 as a precautionary step and erudite