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Bypass Roads

Bypass roads are not more innocent than walls

  On February 2002, the Israeli army commenced the construction of a new ''bypass road'' southeast of Bethlehem. The road, according to the military order number 02/02/C which was issued


Historic buildings are targeted in Hebron’s Old city

Hebron- Old city- Part of the residential compound threatened with demolition, Photo courtesy of LRC    The Israeli occupation forces issued two military orders to demolish 11 housing units and

Military Orders

The suffocation of all forms of viable life in Al Aqaba village

    Location and Population: The village of Al Aqaba is located 7 kilometers east of the city of Tubas. Its population reaches 300 which is a significant reduction given


Land razing and house demolition in Deir El Balah city

Location: Deir El Balah is a Palestinian city located in the Gaza Strip 14.6km southwest of Gaza city; it has a population of 48000 inhabitants (according to Deir Al Balah

Settlement Expansion

Settlements expanding in and around East Jerusalem for the year 2004

Following the 1967, War, Israel occupied the West Bank including East Jerusalem and Gaza Strip. Israel also started its progressive policy of Israelization in occupied east Jerusalem after the 1967

Military Orders

Khirebt Tanna: A village threatened by Evacuation and Destruction

  Location and Population Tanna Hamlet is located 7 kilometers to the east of the town of Beit Furik, Nablus. The population of this Hamlet is divided into farmers and


The Wall to strangulate Isla village

    'Eighty percent of the land of Isla village has been confiscated or separated by the Wall construction' Location and Population The village of Isla is located 9 kilometers

Israeli Violations

Curfew Continues in Bethlehem Eastern towns

Israeli Show of Force in Bethlehem city   For the fourth day in a row, a complete 24-hour curfew is still imposed on Beit Sahour city and its suburbs. Residents


Under security claims: Israel to confiscate more lands from Kafr Thuluth town

  Location and Population: The town of Kafr Thuluth is located 6 kilometers away from the Green Line. Its lands extend from the town of Azzoun in the north to

Israeli Violations

Israeli Show of Force in Bethlehem city

  Curfew Continues in Bethlehem Esatern Towns Until yesterday, the Israeli Army had not entered the city center of Bethlehem with heavy artillery since December 2002. However, on the 23rd

Military Orders

Targeting homes and factories in the village of Jalbun

  Location and Population: The village of Jalbun is located 12 kilometers to the east Jenin city. It houses a population of approximately 2,500.   The border village of Jalbun

Military Orders

Walling In the Bethlehem Ghetto: Beit Jala Land Seizure

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's policy of disengagement and separation is being put into effect in an ever accelerating pace. The daily changes on the ground are best exemplified by


Israel Blow-Up Two Palestinian Houses in Bethlehem District

The Israeli Army carried-out early Thursday, April 15, 2004 on 1:00 Am, yet another operation against Palestinian civilians as a part of its adopted 'collective punishment' policy. The Israeli Army


Irtah: a new border paralyzed by the Wall

    Location and Population: The Tulkarem Neighborhood of Irtah is located exactly at the Green Line which qualified it to be a strategic trade point between the Governerate of


Barbed wires to Encircle Husan Village

  On the dawn of Thursdays April 15, 2004, residents of Husan village were awakening by the thunderous blast of the Israeli Army bulldozers at the eastern side of the


Isolating the Holy City and its citizens

Click to read the article in German Bethlehem is one of the most celebrated cities in the world due to its eminence as the cradle of Christianity. Bethlehem Governorate (district)


Die Isolierung Bethlehems und seiner B?

Click to read the article in English   Bethlehem ist eine der berühmtesten Städte der Welt, dank der Auszeichnung, die Geburtsstätte Jesu und damit der Christenheit zu sein. Zum Bethlehemer


Al Jalama: a border village totally isolated by the Wall and the military Checkpoints

Location and population: The village of Al Jalama is located 6 kilometers to the north of Jenin city, in Jenin governorate. The population of the villages is estimated at 2000


Only Proper Disengagement is the Guarantee of Peace

In preparing for his trip to Washington to discuss the disengagement plan from the West Bank with the US administration, the Israeli PM Ariel Sharon has revealed his true intentions

Separation Plans

The Segregation Wall: A skyline in Beit Jala

The town of Beit Jala is located to the west of Bethlehem city and to the southwest Jerusalem district borders. It has a population of 15,000 inhabitants of whom the


The Segregation Wall to haunt more Palestinian Lands

    Location and Population The village of Nazlat Isa, which borders the Green Line, is located 18 kilometers to the north of the city of Tulkarem. Its population in

Military Orders

Husan: A Palestinian Village Undergoes the Segregation Wall

Husan, a rural Palestinian village (population: 5300) located about 7 Km west of Bethlehem district and recently was forcefully enlisted among the hundreds of other Palestinian villages to intersect the

Quarterly Report

The Israeli Colonization activities in the Palestinian Territories during the 2ed quarter of 2004

  This report highlights the chronology of events concerning colonizing activities in the West Bank, Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip that occurred during the months of April to June. It

Quarterly Report

The Israeli Colonization activities in the Palestinian Territories during the 4th quarter of 2004

July 2004 – September 2004   This report highlights the chronology of events concerning colonizing activities in the West Bank, Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip that occurred during the months


Oppressive Israeli measures cripple Palestinian Camps in Gaza Strip

  Camp and Location Khan Yunis camp is located west of Khan Yunis town, at the southern part of the Gaza Strip and about two kilometers from the Mediterranean Sea