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Israeli Plans

The Segregation Wall … New map provided for the wall by the IOF

  The Israeli Occupation Forces -IOF- are daily changing the path of the Segregation Wall that is currently under construction in the northern districts of the West Bank and around


Qalqiliya between the jaws of the Apartheid Wall

Two Palestinian children look through apartheid wall LRC   Background Qalqiliya is located in the northern western part of West Bank. It is the smallest   Palestinian governorate and the mostly

Israeli Plans

In synchronization with Aqaba Peace Summit
Two ministers in Sharon’s cabinet lead Jewish colonists in seizing Palestinian House in occupied Arab Jerusalem

    Name of owner: Mr. Abdul Razaq Al alami Location: Nablus road, opposite the American consulate, about 200 meters north of Damascus Gate. An aerial photograph showing part of the


New wave of Israeli Violations in Tequa village

  A week after the Aqaba summit, in which the two sides (The Palestinians and the Israelis ) committed themselves to the proposed Roadmap, Israel exerted pressure on Palestinians, going


Dismantling or reallocating

  The Israeli media reported that the Israeli army succeeded yesterday evening, June 9th 2003, to dismantle 10 Israeli outposts represented mainly in caravans. Those 10 outposts never existed or


The Map accepted, the Road blocked !

  The government of Israel recently accepted the 'Road Map' which calls for normalizing the Palestinian daily life and providing more facilities for the movement in the West Bank in


The Segregation Wall… A new Episode of changing Jerusalem Boundaries

    Background: Soon after its occupation in 1967, Israel seized control over the Gaza strip and the West Bank including East Jerusalem. Since that time, Israel has either confiscated


Al-Khas and Al-Nu’man villages between the jaws of occupation

    The villages of Al-Khas and Al-Nu'man are located at the interconnection of the municipality borders of Bethlehem, Beit Sahour and Jerusalem. The two villages have about 230 residents,

Eviction of Palestinians

Homeless in front of their homes

    The Jewish settlers in East Jerusalem are increasing each day their violations against the Palestinian residents of the city in an attempt to depopulate the maximum number of

Military Orders

Ghettos are still created in Bethlehem District

    The continuous Israeli actions that strangulate the district of Bethlehem slice more lands to construct by-pass roads, expand existing settlements and erect a part of the Segregation wall.

Bypass Roads

Za’tara By-pass road works in photos

Za'tara 11-2-2002     Za'tara  2-6-2002       Za'tara 2-10-2002                 Za'tara 12-4-2003   Za'tara 22-4-2003 Za'tara 23-4-2003   Related links: How Palestinians


Land theft continues in Hebron

Hebron District is located in the southernmost portion of the West Bank, 36 km south of Jerusalem City with a total population of 405664 and 45 colonial built up areas,

Military Orders

Lands declared as state land in Nahhalin village for future settlement expansion

Daher Nassar, a Christian Arab, immigrated to Palestine from Lebanon at the beginning of last century with his family. He settled in Bethlehem where his ambition was to build a


Apartheid Wall … The latest manifestation of the battle for Jerusalem

    Background It is no doubt that the Israeli greed in East Jerusalem was put in action only two weeks after the occupation of 1967 when the Israeli government

Eviction of Palestinians

People of Tulkarm Camp seek new refuge

    As the Israeli Occupation Forces – IOF- are increasing their violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territories – OPT-, too many incidents were recorded concerning house demolition, land confiscation,

Military Orders

House demolition alert in Beit Sahour

Beit Sahour is a Palestinian town located adjacent to the city of Bethlehem and has always been facing violations by the Israeli forces as many other Palestinian cities in the


Israel escalates house demolition campaign in occupied East Jerusalem

As the Anglo- American invasion of Iraq continues, Israel takes advantage by escalating its acts of killings, assassinations, arrests, house demolitions and land confiscation in various parts of the occupied


An Assessment of the Israeli Practices on the Palestinian Agricultural sector

    Restrictive measures imposed by the Israeli occupation authority against the Palestinian economy and especially during the period 29/9/2000 – 31/1/2003 created numerous obstacles, which have further complicated and aggravated


House demolition campaign in Al-Walaja village

    Al Walaja, a Palestinian village with about 1,500 inhabitants, is located 6 kilometres to the northwest of Bethlehem and 10 kilometres southeast of Jerusalem. Part the village lands


Devastations of Bethlehem district
“An act of Israeli Vandalism “

    Another explicit and ugly act of human rights violation was the attempt to demolish Al Ordiani home over its inhabitants. It was a Saturday night, with Israeli bullets


The Israeli onslaught against the village of Deir Istiya – Salfit district

  Location and population Deir Istiya village is located 8 km to the northwest of Salfit city and 15 km from the Artimistice Line (Green Line). The village has the

Settlement Expansion

New Expansion at Abu Ghneim Mountain … Har Homa Israeli Settlement

  Abu Ghneim Mountain is located less than two kilometers north of the city of Bethlehem, the Mountain has been historically and privately owned by Palestinian families from Bethlehem, Beit

Military Orders

Bethlehem University Alumni Housing Complex: No more expansion

    On January 2003, the Israeli occupation Forces handed the Bethlehem University Alumni Housing project owners military orders to stop the constructional work at site. The project is located

Military Orders

Un nouveau Ghetto Betlemme – Version francais

  Le gouvernement Israélien a commencé récemment la construction du mur de séparation autour de Jérusalem, dont la longueur est de 22 kilomètres.  Le mur séparera physiquement la ville de

Military Orders

جدار فصل وحاجز عسكري جديد على غرار إيرز في بيت لحم – العربية

  في صبيحة يوم الاحد الموافق 1622003 وبعد قضاء ايام عيد الاضحى المبارك تحت حظر مستمر للتجوال، افاق سكان مدينة بيت لحم ومخيم عايدة على اصوات مكبرات الصوت للجيش الاسرائيلي