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Monitoring Israeli Colonization activities in the West Bank and Gaza

    January 2002-December 2002 1. Introduction 'Monitoring Israeli Colonization Activities' is a project that was funded by the Commission of the European Communities during February 2000 and until February

Bypass Roads

Bethlehem Christmas Eve..!

  On the 24th of December 2002, at Christmas Eve, Israel continues its policy of violating the Palestinian land. In the early morning of this special day the Israeli Bulldozers

Settlement Expansion

Gilo’s plan of Expansion: 260 new housing units …!

In the year 1970 the Israeli government confiscated 2,700 dunums from Beit Jala town, Beit Safafa, and Sharafat villages located at the northern side of Bethlehem District. The majority of


Collective punishment to Bethlehem citizens…!

    For the sixth time since the beginning of the Al-Aqsa Intifada, the Israeli occupation forces re-occupied all parts of the Palestinian National Authority area in Bethlehem district on

Settlement Expansion

The Israeli budget: a pocket money for the settlements in West Bank and Gaza strip ?!

The Israeli government is devoting NIS 1.9 billion  from its budget for the settlements in the occupied territories of West Bank and Gaza strip for the year 2003. This budget is


Christmas Newsletter from ARIJ

2002 was a very hard year for the Palestinian people and its institutions by and large, and ARIJ was no exception. During this year, Bethlehem governorate was subjected to six


Christmas Newsletter from ARIJ

 Click to see ' The Xmas Olive Tree Card ' …!  2002 was a very hard year for the Palestinian people and its institutions by and large, and ARIJ was

Separation Plans

Flash news about the Apartheid Wall

The Israeli government started recently to construct the Apartheid wall around Jerusalem, which will be 22 Km in length. The wall will separate physically the city of Jerusalem with its

Separation Plans

Effects of the Separation Wall

Qalqiliya district at a glance: Qalqiliya district is located to the northwest of the West Bank, and is situated about 12 km from the Mediterranean coast, on the border between


Thanksgiving in Bethlehem

For the sixth time since the beginning of the current uprising Intifada, the Israeli occupation forces carried out a widespread military incursion into all parts of the Palestinian autonomous area


Israeli military Iron Fist squeezes Bethlehem

Bethlehem district is living under apartheid and strangulation as many other Palestinian cities in the West Bank because of the surrounding settlements, bypass roads and checkpoints. The district has been

Separation Plans

The Apartheid Wall Campaign

Preface Report # 1 of the Apartheid Wall Campaign is a general look -an introduction- to the Apartheid Wall itself and the Apartheid Wall Campaign, and includes information on the

Israeli Plans

A concrete arrow in the heart of Hebron city.

Since September 28,2000, Hebron City has been totally blockaded; all the entrances have been closed by concrete blocks and checkpoints that completely isolated area H1 (Municipal area transferred to Palestinian


Effects of the Segregation Wall …

    Qalqiliya district at a glance: Qalqiliya district is located to the northwest of the West Bank, and is situated about 12 km from the Mediterranean coast, on the

Bypass Roads

The continuous Israeli policy of house demolition in Jerusalem city … “The Ring Road Project”

    Since the break out of the current Intifada in September 2000, the Israeli Government has increased its vicious attack on Palestinian properties to demolish more houses and confiscate


Israeli Army Uproots olive trees In Taqu’, Bethlehem

  Type of violation: uprooting of fruitful olive trees.Perpetrator: Israeli army bulldozers. Date of violation: Sunday Oct. 10th, 2002, at 10 MP.Pretext: The discovery of strange object amongst trees. Location:

New Israeli Settlements

Israel’s Latest Colonization Activities: 24 new settlements and 113 new outposts in the west Bank

By analyzing the satellite images through the help of the Geographic information System unit (GIS), ARIJ revealed that during the last year 2001-2002 there has been 24 newly constructed settlements,


Israel Blocks The Roads At The Main Entrance Of Bethlehem City Near ARIJ

On the 15th of October 2002 at 1:30 pm the Israeli bulldozers under the protection of Israeli occupation forces started to block the roads at the northern entrance of Bethlehem

Military Orders

Israel intends to demolish the Orthodox housing Complex in Beit Sahour

Beit Sahour is a Palestinian city located 6 km to the east of Bethlehem City with a total population of 11,000 inhabitants. The population consists of Christians and Moslems, living

Separation Plans

Israeli actions to annex Bethlehem’s Rachel Tomb to Israel

Historical Background: The Tomb of Rachel, which is located at the northern part of Bethlehem, is considered to be a holy pilgrimage place for Christians, Moslems and as well as


Israeli settlement activities swallow more land from Nahhalin Village

Introduction:  The Palestinian village of Nahhalin is located 20 km to the southeast of Bethlehem city, with a population of 7,000. Before the occupation of the west bank in the

Military Orders

Israeli Military Order Seizes 10-dunums of land from Al-Bireh town …

The Israeli army Commander in the West Bank , Isaac Etan, ordered the seizure of a 10-dunums piece of  land located alongside a peripheral road to the north east of


Ethnic Cleansing in Jenin Camp

  In the Al-Aqsa Intifada, Israeli forces invaded various cities and villages in the west bank, breaching the core of the Oslo Accords and completely disregarding Palestinian sovereignty by entering

Bypass Roads

The Circling of East Jerusalem – Road 5

Jerusalem is considered the epic center of Palestinian polity, culture, economy and spirituality. Such significance came as Jerusalem is at the heart and the capital of historical Palestine. Its area


House Demolition Campaign in Bethlehem

    During the latest  incursion of the Israeli army to Bethlehem Governorate which started on June 20 2002,  the Israeli army bulldozers committed a new wave of house demolition causing