The Israeli Occupation Demolishes an Agricultural Project in Suba / West Hebron

The Israeli Occupation Demolishes an Agricultural Project in Suba / West Hebron


  • Violation: Destroying an agricultural project.
  • Date: December 15th 2020.
  • Location: Suba- Idhna / Hebron governorate.
  • Perpetrator: Israeli Civil Administration.
  • Victims: family of citizen ‘Ali Al-‘Amayra.


December 15th 2020, The Israeli Occupation authorities sabotaged an agricultural project through uprooting trees and demolishing retaining walls, which caused a great financial loss, and wasted the efforts and work of 25 years spent in developing this project in Suba area in Idhna.

The Owner’s son Ayman Al-‘Amayra told LRC:

“A massive army force accompanied by the Israeli Civil Administration and an army force raided our plot about 9:00 am , along with two excavators and two bulldozers and workers of an Israeli company.

The Occupation forces spread around the land and carried on uprooting trees, and demolishing retaining walls.”

Al-‘Amayra pointed out that the occupation claims those lands are state properties, despite the fact they haven’t received any notices regarding declaring this land as a property of the Israeli state.

The Occupation authorities sabotaged 20 dunums of Al-‘Amayra lands explained in the following table:


Area in dunums


Plant age




20-22 years




20 years




12 years


The Occupation’s machineries also demolished retaining walls (500 m around the blot and 4-5 m high).

The accompanying workers cut down the remaining trees using electric tools.

Al-‘Amayra said that this project provides a source of income or a subside source of income for 40 members of Al-‘Amayra family.

Al-‘Amayra was running a successful agricultural investment, he used to get student groups coming to learn about his experience in growing a variety of crops, but all that was destroyed in only few hours by the Arbitrary occupation .

Photos 1-7: after destroying the agricultural project


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