Extending the validity of a land grab in Budrus / Ramallah governorate

Extending the validity of a land grab in Budrus / Ramallah governorate


  • Violation: Extending the validity of a land grab in Budrus.
  • Location: Budrus village / North West Ramallah.
  • Date: 21/03/2019.
  • Perpetrator: The Israeli occupation army.
  • Victims: 5 families from the village.


The Israeli occupation army commander in the West Bank issued military order (07/17/T) , to extend the validity of a land grab on 3.15 dunums from the village of Budrus. The plot is located within the natural block no.4 also known as Al Batn Al-Qibali.

According to field observation in the location, the main intent of the confiscation is to extend the area of the segregation zone with a length of 1.5 km east the segregation wall that separates the town, in order to prohibit farmers from using the lands that are close to the wall.

The targeted location was confiscated in 2007 with a military order, and validity extensions were given several times.

The targeted plot is a privately owned Palestinian land belongs to the following farmers: Samer Khalifa, Foad Awad, Shawkat Marar, Salim Marar, Yazan Awad.

Photos 1+2: the ravaging close to the segregation wall

The military order

About Budrus village:[1]

38 km North west Ramallah, Budrus is bordered by Qabiya and the green line (north), also the green line (west), Qabiya and Na’alin (east) and Na’alin (south).

Budrus has a population of (1596) people until 2017.

Budrus has a total area of 3,162 dunums, of which 276 dunums are the town’s built up area.

The segregation wall (2,152 m) devoured 215 dunums under its route , and isolated 841 dunums.

Oslo conventions divided the town’s lands as the following:

  • B area (382) dunums.
  • C area (2,780) dunums.





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